Win Barneys Farm Mimosa Evo From Gorilla Seeds - 2 Prizes

Rolla J

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We are giving away Barneys Farm Mimosa Evo - 3 seeds to each winner. There are 2 Prizes available on this post.

Comment below to enter letting us know why you like Barneys Farm Seeds so much. Please note there are more prizes available on the main blog post . Winners to be announced on 23rd December 2020 or thereabouts!

Good Luck Everyone.
Gorilla Seeds
Barney's farm is suppose to be supreme and Mimosa is very popular atm. I'd like to win so I can fit in with the cool people. Thank you for the giveaway! :weed:


Where are your best places to buy seeds the place I usually buy from has a ridiculous waiting time due to the pandemic. I wanted to start some new strains.

Doug Dawson

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I have won Dr. Krippling Mong-U-Mental seeds from them previously from them. You can contact Andy at [email protected]. They might be a bit slow due to Christmas holidays but they are good folk and will get back to you.