Win Dinafem Cannabis Seeds at The Vault


Im in.. id love to win i love growing never grew an auto i usually grow photoperiod..i would be absolutely thankful to receive this..ive never grown Dinafem seeds before id love to try them out and become a customer..
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It's not oregano

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Never grown Dinafem, but any company that puts that much care into just the packaging of their seeds must be confident they have a good product. I'm in.
Thanks for the giveaway.


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Love to try the white widow xxl auto from dinafems. Havent had the pleasure to run any autos or dinafems seeds. Thanks for all your hard and dedicated work George


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Dinafem was litterally the first seed producer who's seeds I bought, and to this day, they are my favorites. Packaging shows their level of commitment, the strains have ALWAYS been fire (I've done blue cheese, white widow, critical +, and shark attack)..

Cant say enough about my great experience with Dinafem products, and I would LOVE to get my hands on either of these strains. I HOPE I win.. but whoever does is in for a serious treat!