WIN FastBuds Wedding Cheese Cake from KillaBeez SeedBank - 2 Prizes Our #1 Autoflower


So I'll be married very soon but I still looking for a serious weeding cake :rolleyes:
Here is the answer ;) thank you guys


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Everything I've tried from fastbuds has been exceptional. I would love to get my hands on some wedding cheese cake.

Fastbuds Gorilla cookies
Fastbuds Smoothie
Day 82a.jpg


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That pineapple crack looks delicious :weed:
Also blackberry seems to be super popular right now, at least by me in the midwest


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I think that gorilla cookies or strawberry pie from Fastbuds should be on your list over the purple punch everything else I agree with
PS I’m stuck :Dthanks for the chance:!:
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THANK YOU to Fastbuds who have kindly donated the prizes for this competition, Fastbuds will be sending special gift packs direct to the lucky winners. The prizes include 2 packets of FastBuds Cheese Cake Auto - 3 seeds . As usual you can enter on the other platforms listed on the main blog page - in total there are 12 prizes!

To Enter the competition - get stuck into our 7 active discussions. We welcome your participation!

Please discuss in the comments your views on out top 10 Autoflower's listed on the following link:

Top 10 Best New Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Winners will be Announced on the Main blog post - 20th December 2020 or thereabout’s , so please don't forget to check back then!

Good Luck To everyone

KillaBeez Cannabis Seeds

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Auto Sour Melon Mass
You say you want rapid speed, massive yields and astronomical THC, but you don’t want to give up even a smidge of flavour to get it? Critical Mass Collective has you covered and then some with their Auto Sour Melon Mass. This beauty only needs 70-80 days, has high yields inside and out, and comes with a righteous 20% THC rating.
But, how does she taste and what’s the smell like? Man, oh man, we have something special for you. This automatic strain ooze with the pure essence of perfectly ripe cantelope just liked a melon fresh picked from your garden in the middle of August. And, they’re just as sticky.

Have a great day buds !


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AFGHAN MASS XXL looks great thanks for the opportunity ☮ To all and merry Christmas
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Fast Buds are great. Just popped a WeddingCheeseCake. Have grown several Zkittels and BlueDreamAtic. Buds are colorful and potent,
WTF, Those are some pretty buds!! Now really, is that first pic a trick of blurple lighting? Or was that it's reall finished colors. Either way beautiful buds!!!