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    This is my first grow so pardon my limited knowledge.

    To start I have a 300W LED light. I had it a foot from the tops of the seedlings however I just raised it quite a bit as I felt I was giving them too much light.
    Before raise: 38,000 lx roughly
    After raise: 18,000 lx roughly

    Was on a 24/0 light schedule, however I just changed it to a 20/4 last night.

    Temp is a constant 70F
    RH is between 40-50%

    The soil is nothing fancy, just a generic, non miracle grow potting soil from the store.

    The seeds germinated in under 24 hours in paper towel with a good tap root.

    The seeds were planted in soil on April 9th.

    I may have slightly over-watered, so I have cut back. I am waiting for the soil to dry on the tops before watering again. My water PH was about an 8, I just noticed this and corrected it to around 6.5

    I have not given any nutrients yet.

    Any advice? Am I killing them? I have done a ton of research on my own however I can't seem to find something that fits. I doubt its nutrient deficiency, however with the higher PH it's possible I guess.

    Pictures were taken with LED off and just camera flash.

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    tpc_mikey Well-Known Member

    My guess is is the soil you have them in has no nutrients in it they look hungry, i would get a superior growing medium i.e. Happy frog or Fox Farms ocean forrest and transplant them, as for water cannabis hates sitting in a moist soil so water them and dont water again until soil drys out.

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    I have fox farms soil ready to go, I was just worried it would be to much for them. Also fox farms 3 bottle nutes. OK to transplant in the current state?

    Had read a few places not to give them nutes till like 3 weeks, that's why i was holding off.

    tpc_mikey Well-Known Member

    Truthfully if you your in FFOF and have amended it with additional wormcasting you can make it to flower with no nutes added, here is mine in 5th day of flower i have yet to give it anyting but water. And it vegged for 60days. IMG_1261.JPG
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    FirstTime1090 New Member

    Wow, that's a nice looking plant. I'm not familiar with wormcasting, I will have to look into it.

    So people think I should transplant into fox farm? Then wait a day to water? Wait on nutes?

    Thank you

    sparkygeek Well-Known Member

    Seedlings need very little to grow roots that's why most people say no nutes for 2-3 weeks... I think Fox Farm also has a seedling mix... Happy Frog? Worm castings are a fantastic organic fertilizer! No matter how strong looking the seedling I give just water for at least two weeks. I use Pro Mix CC (coco coir) with myco so it's different than soil but hopefully it provides some useful background... Best of luck!

    tpc_mikey Well-Known Member

    Yes wait on nute if going into fox farms is has everything that plant needs already in the soil, including worm casting and bat guano, just give them water for 4 to 5 weeks in that soil then top dress a few times, use the 2 first time growing techniques KISS and LITFA (Keep it Simple Stupid) (Leave it the Fuck Alone) lol, just water them and talk to them they are a weed and will do the rest.

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    The soil is no good for seedlings or anything else, it looks crappy. Dont re pot yet it will make things worse just feed them some veg hydro nutes at 1/2 strength for 2 weeks then full str.

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    So I just wanted to update on how this went. I did the transplant and they are both doing fine now. I just topped the one about a week ago.
    My question now is, what's next? My LED light is about 3-4 feet away, I was hoping this would get them to stretch however no such luck.
    How do I make them grow up??

    I know the rules say turn off the LED, however color is not my question so I'm just leaving it on.
    IMG_0024.JPG IMG_0025.JPG IMG_0026.JPG IMG_0027.JPG IMG_0028.JPG IMG_0029.JPG IMG_0030.JPG IMG_0031.JPG IMG_0032.JPG IMG_0033.JPG

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    First thing first, they look very droopy so your either watering too much or not enough looks like a 3 or 5gal fabric pot those should get about a half gallon of water every 2 to 3 days as far as getting them to grow up your not gonna speed up mother nature, That plant right now has one mission build a root system and its hard at work doing that, as you start to get more mature fan leafs im going to say about another 2 to 3 weeks it will start to grow upwards, but most of the verticle growth will be the first 2 weeks of flower, but if you just topped them its recovering from that as well. just give them some time they will get there. Focus more on your waterings and dont try to rush things. i have some that will be 4 weeks old tomorrow from seed and they look almost like yours with the exception i had a couple catapillars make there way into my tent and chewed the shit out of my fan leafs and have shocked it a little. But both mine are short and stalky as well they always start thtat way here is a comparision on a plant i vegged for 60 days ill post 2 pics one as a 4 week old one at 60 days.
    this is at about 4 weeks old
    This is after 60 days and 2 toppings
    this is her a few days ago about 35 days into flower

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    And another side note I still to this day have given this plant zero bottled nutrients, have only top dressed with organic material i.e. Tomato Tone, Kelp Meal, Worm Castings, Bat Guanno. Only thing liquid it gets is water with some recharge mixed in with it which i have even quit using that. now, so pretty much now will just be water til the end about 30 more days.

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    Thanks for the advice, they are in 5 gall pots. I did just water them however they do seem to be droopy in general however. I am about on point with that watering you suggested, I will make sure I'm not giving them too much. I was getting concerned with all the clutter caused by so many leaves, however yours looks like it's doing great, so I will leave it be.

    I think you are doing whats called screen of green, or similar. should I be getting something to hold the leaves up?

    tpc_mikey Well-Known Member

    Nah the leaves will raise and yes i was somewhat trying to scrog my girl but unfortunatley she stretched almost 4 inches in a 24hr period and as i tried to retrain a branch it broke so i was like ok fuck it so its really more of and LST screen now lol. but it has helped spred her out. I defoliated her about a week ago so that all the lower bud sites could get some light and she really doesnt need all the fan leaf's at this point in her life.

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    When should I start thinking about defoliation?
    I think I want to top one more time, but seeing as this is my first maybe I should keep it simple.

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