Yield one pound DWC

I harvested a little over 1.2 pounds (dried) from 2 Pineapple Express plants. My setup includes two 4x8 tables, 5 1000w lights- 2 over each bed and 1 in the middle of the two beds.

The 2 pineapple plants were side by side on Table 1 and towered over all the other strains! Both plants grew from start to finish in giant Rockwool cubes, nothing else. I also did not cover the roots with anything. To protect them I decided not to prune the plants at all. My goal was to touch the plants as little as possible. This experiment ended up being a huge hit with the pineapple!

Pineapple CloseupRIU.jpgTable 1RIU.jpg


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I used x2 400 watt lights tilted in an angle on each side of my plant and yeilded 1lb dry, i used a 20 litre bucket and ionic food, next time il get more as im upgradeing till x2 600 watt and unlike the bad treatment i gave the last plant im goig to mother the next one, been reading people gettin a few pound per plant dry from outdoors so its in the genetics to yeild more than a pound but i think itll just take more experiance to get there but 1lb at the min is good shit for me!


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I've done 14oz dried off (2) Dinafem Critical Jack clones I made from a UFO Freebie bean.
It was in 2 DIY waterfam 5gal buckets under a 400w LED in a stealth cabinet
setup. CO2 supplementation was from a CO2 boost bucket.
My setup I'll be finishing here soon is a 2k UC Hydro setup with chiller and a modified
7 waterfall DIY Undercurrent. My eventual goal is 1gpw or ~2.5lbs/light with 6 trees in a 4x8 Gorilla Tent.
Will have to journal it once I get all my control panels and system built out.


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You need to run your system more efficiently, you should get 1/4-1/2 lb per plant easy with 1000k. The weight will come with experience. Plants sound extremely crowded with 8 plants. Could be the reason for the small harvests.
That’s a good point