Your latest seed purchase?

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    Craigson Well-Known Member

    Lol im on a terpy bean ordering bender

    Pack of Holy Banana bx4 on the way from Utopia Farms
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    LostInEthereal Well-Known Member

    Few things in a few packs:

    FastBuds - StarDawg
    Bigworm - 97 Blue Moonshine x Purple Northen Lights F3
    Oni - Papayahusca
    Covert - Lemon Brulee F2
    Covert - Hatorade (LemonG13 x Lemon Brulee)
    Covert - Lost Lemons (Lost OG x Lemon Brulee)

    Also a couple of weeks ago on sale:

    Greenpoint - Pioneer Kush
    Greenpoint - Purple Mountain Majesty

    I should have bought about zero, wtf is wrong with me lol
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    Pistil Kid

    Pistil Kid Well-Known Member

    Just arrived, I ordered 3 of each but received 2 of each as freebies as well as the 12 Fantasmo Express freebies
    Mephisto Genetics these guys are hard to go past they are a class act from ordering to end product, I paid with bitcoin which gave me 10 % off then used the afn 10% discount as well for a total of 20% discount.
    - 5 Double Grape
    - 5 SODK
    - 5 Beary White
    - 5 HBSS
    - 12 Fantasmo express ( Freebies )

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Just ordered.

    From James Bean Company.

    Coastal Seeds NL1 x PNW Hashplant:fire::fire::hump::hump::lol::lol::weed:

    Ive been looking for this stuff forever. I'm in the Ahole of the USA, and a lot of stuff you just cant get here, even though I have access to all the standard Banks like Attitude ect, and have been ordering from them for years, and others. I used to be a mod at Serious Seeds when Claude 1st opened the forum. Was a mod at a site Dan Van Pot, from Canada ran, and who was responsible for the Indica Cup Winner.. God Bud, when he was with BCBD, but they scammed him, and he left, and took the Original Male with him, so anyone buying GB from them, aren't getting the original genes. They bred it with a Hash Plant, but do have an original mother. Dan got busted, and they took over 5lbs of seeds around 2005-6.

    This stuff is really, really good, and when Nevil had the original stuff in the 80s, he said it was the most resinous strain he'd ever seen.

    We got it, and bred it with Nevils 88 LTD Release NL5/Hz, and a RKS/Sk1 cross. I lost the genes to the feds in 97, ( 1000 clones ) did a lot of time, ( 12+ all together ) got out, and have been trying to find as much of the original stuff I had as is possible, and now I think I may have come really close to as original as possible.

    I just found the Swami/Nevils 88 NL5/Haze 3 months ago, Coastal Seeds NL1/PNW Hash Plant Yesterday, and Road Kill Skunk 3 months ago, though it wont be available until spring, unless the wildfires got it, and already have both Mr Nice Shit, and The Pure for SK1 genes.

    I do have a cross of the RKS Guadlajara. Its called Blue Orca x RKS Guadalajara Its an old, Presoviet 1971 Kandahar Afghani x 1976 Thai Stick Highland Blue Thai. Same genes DJ Short used for Juicy Fruit, and Blueberry. Then it is crossed with the RKS
    Ive got 52 of these. Blue Orca is a 33 years old Clone Only. It also has a Sister called the ONE. Same Father, Different 71 Kandahar Mothers.

    I also found the Original 88 LTD Release Nevils NL5/Hz, and while they've stabilized it to F5, its still every bit as powerful as it was, is probably better for breeding now, and is to much for some.

    Now Ive found the NL1/HP:hump::hump::hump::cuss::cuss::cuss:and supposedly a Clone Only 1985 RKS was taken to Guadalajara 30+ years ago, and is stabilized IBL for the RKS genes, will be available in the spring. Only thing is now, I wonder about the Cali Wildfires, as this stuff may have been growing there right now. I'm not sure if is/was grown in Guadalajara, or Emerald Triangle. I know these people grow a lot in ET, and its burning up.:cuss::cuss::cuss::cry::cry::cry::cry:, and a lot of great genetics may be lost.:cuss::cuss::cuss::cry::cry::cry::spew::spew:

    Next up from DC Seed Exchange......

    Hazeman Nevils LTD Release G13 x Hashplant. Notice I'm trying to get all of Nevils Original genes as I can????

    In all my years of messing with this stuff ( Inside since 76/Outside 72 ) Ive never found anything that can beat Nevils genetics that he had in the 80s.

    Next Up from DC SE

    Bodhi Old School Hashplant

    PNW Hashplant x Nevils 88 G13 x Hashplant

    Swami Organic Seeds

    Nevils/COOT/Swami Bred 88 Ltd Release... Now F5 NL5 x Haze:fire::fire::fire:

    I plan on using at least 10 Male NL5 x Hz for open pollination on the following strains.



    PNW/HP x G13/HP

    I also plan on breeding a NL1/HP Male, into NL5/Hz.

    The G13/HP, and NL5/Hz are also both Stabilized, and will make F1 when bred together.:cuss::cuss::cuss::hump::hump::hump::hump::weed::weed::weed:

    Next up is Mountain Organics.

    They also have some COOT genetics, and aren't to be associated with anyone elses BEL genetics. Each have bred their own direction ect.

    I just bought 1 called Cosmic Lotus

    The ONE/NL5 Mom x Highland Blue Thai/Afghani #1 Dad. Supposed to also have Both High THC/CBD.
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    interesting, what do you think the yield & flower time of Coastal Seeds NL1 x PNW Hashplant would be?

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    45-55 days was what the original stuff I had finished at.

    Yield is medium. These are mostly short stout plants.
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    sounds good, im after some quality early finishing heavy yielders...cheers
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    volusian Well-Known Member

    Double butter f2
    Ecsd x chemd/i95
    Chem91 x berry white
    '76 Hindu
    Zkittlez x the cube
    Lhb x og squared
    Black haze x nl/haze
    Golden goat x tom hill's haze
    Ssh f3
    Killer queen x p75
    Ecsd bx1
    Black lime reserve f2
    Psychosis x super sour diesel skunk
    Sour diesel x d-dnl
    Chem91 x sour tsunami
    Nychp x Bilbo (sour diesel pheno)
    Tresister x nychp
    Greasy grapes
    Puck yeah
    Dawg dank
    Rainbow Zkittlez
    Lemon fruit snax
    Phi nyc
    Gas mask f2
    Zkittles x lemon kush

    Lost my cuts of chem91 skunk va and triangle kush to hurricane Irma. Luckily I was able to procure more of them along with a cut of lhb. Super excited right now.

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    is this Pua Mana Pakalolo seed site legit? I see all sorts of blog entries but no proof anyone has used em.

    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    Wedding cake BX
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    Colorado Dispensary
    TH Seeds - S.A.G.E.
    TH Seeds - MK Ultra
    DarkHorse Genetics - Strawberry Glue
    The Bank Genetics - Cherry Zephyr

    DC Seed Exchange
    Hazeman - Durban Poison F2
    Hazeman - Headband F1

    The Dank Team
    Cali Connection - Pre 98 Bubba
    BOG - Bogglegum

    Aurora Winds Botannical
    Gorilla Glue #1

    I run 2, sometimes 3 tents. As per usual with me, I recreate the strain myself by selecting best males pollen and crossing with best female. I then pollinate all current strains i am running, creating crosses, sometimes new ones. i freeze the rest of the pollen and use it on future strains until it is no longer viable.. And finally create killer smoke/concentrates for me and few special friends.
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    anyone know where to get Ghost Train Haze seeds from a US bank?

    volusian Well-Known Member


    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    Ordered two packs of Strayfox genetics Wake of the Dragon. 10 free Katsu Bubba x Blueberry temple and 5 free GLG lucky dip come with them from Great lake genetics. Ordering a few Bodhi strains Space cake, Space Monkey, Black Razberry and Afgooey/Wookie cross on Friday.

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    You will like the Monkey!
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    Found GTH Fems @ James bean co....

    Excellent !!!!
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    Farmer.J Well-Known Member

    Just got 5 reg each of these from Jordan of the Islands, came in the mail Tuesday.
    Afghani Magnum Auto -
    Ambrosia (Cotton Candy Edition)
    B.C. Big Bud
    Blue Afghani
    Blue Afghani (sticky fingers edition)
    Blue AK-47
    Blue Amnesia Haze
    Blue Bud
    Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese x Blue Diesel
    Blue Cheese x God's Green Crack
    Blue Cheese x Northern Lights
    Blue Cheese x Purple Kush
    Blue Cheese x Strawberry Cough
    Blue Cheese x White Widow
    Blue Chemo
    Blue City Diesel
    Blue City Diesel (Platinum Sour Edition)
    Blue Dank
    Blue God
    Blue God (Blueberry Crush Edition)
    Blue Hawaiian Sativa
    Blue Ice
    Blue King
    Blue Lemon
    Blue Lightning
    Blue Lights
    Blue Northern Lights (Godzilla Edition)
    Blue Sage
    Blue Shiva
    Blue Timewarp

    LostInEthereal Well-Known Member

    Snatched up a small pack of the Creme de la Chem promo from Mephisto from the other day. Bought 3 and received 8.
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    from glg i picked up : bodhi's blueberry hashplant & silver mountain. had to replace my bbhp as i gave the last four seeds away from my original pack a month or two ago.

    GrowGorilla Well-Known Member

    My purchases this weekend:

    GLG - 2 packs of Bodhi’s Goji OG before they disappear and a free pack of Bodhi’s Wolf Pack

    Swamp Thing - 2 packs of Bodhi’s Goji Daydream and a free “mystery” pack of Bodhi

    Seedsman - DNA Holy Grail Kush and a bunch of freebies and their Halloween promo freebies (19 Freebies in total from buying 1 pack of seeds!)

    This is my early Xmas present! I’ll probably say the same when Black Friday promos come on LOL

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