1. C

    The longer the curing the better the high?

    I’ve had buds curing in mason jars for close to 6 months now and in the beginning - after curing for over a month, I wasn’t that impressed. They were my first grow. Anyway, when smoking it now, the high is amazing. Does anyone agree that the longer you can cure the better?
  2. P

    Curing Question - Does RH variate depending on the week?

    I'm currently curing my bud and I am wondering how it works. The buds are sitting around 67-68%, and after I burp them I let them get back down to around 64-65%. After some time, the RH increases again. So my question is; should RH be different depending on the week? For example, is it normal...
  3. D

    Moldy trophy bud- can it be saved?

    I’ve thought about spraying it down with isopropyl but I’m not sure if I should try any solvent. My hubby let me do my first trim alone (5 plants) up all night lol but we did the usual cardboard box and then hanging inside of it closed. As well as the few fall offs in a box flat. I tried to tie...
  4. B

    Drying conditions... How bad is it?

    I live in a VERY warm and humid country. My temps during the day get has high as 32c or 89.6f and I can't get it any lower because I don't have AC but my humidity is usually around 55 to 65 RH. At nights it drops to about 27c or 80f with the same 55 to 65 RH (when rain falls it goes up like a...
  5. K

    Humidity below 60% in curing jars

    Hey, So they’ve only been in jars for ~24 hours, but most are saying ~50-55%. What’s the best option to increase this? Or do they need a couple days to calibrate? I do have boveda packs but I was trying not to use them. I will put one in each jar if recommended. *it dried for just under 5...
  6. S

    How long does the minimum cure take?

    Hi. I’ve been reading through different opinions on curing. Some say it takes at least 3 months, others say 3 weeks. Since curing raises the quality of the flower I would like to know how long you guys leave the buds to cure until you start smoking from them?
  7. B

    Cannabis over dried during drying can it still be cured?

    So I was hang drying my cannabis in my tent at about 68-71F and about 60% RH with my humidifier on and on about day 5 my humidifier turned off for a couple hours and when I checked the RH was at 35% and the bud felt dry to the touch. The stems were not snapping and were still quite flexible but...
  8. ScienceGrow

    My experienice with garage curing

    My experienice with garage curing (this could help others): It was time to hang dry my dads harvest, and he did not have a better place to hang the cannabis. I purchased a hygrometer/thermometer, and found that the garage oscillated between 55-68% humidity, and it was well below 65 F most of...
  9. K

    Loss of smell, curing with boveda62

    Hey, so I’ve recently cropped (it’s my second time ever), and it smelt lovely when I first put them in jars. I had bóveda62 in from the get go, they’ve been sitting at 63% humidity for a week (jars unopened). I was curious to see what it was like, so I cracked one and it’s like the smell is...
  10. B

    Proper way to dry bud

    Will be chopping on about 3 weeks. Jack flash 5 and gorilla glue 4. Both looking amazing. Last time i chopped i had an oscillating fan blowing towards the buds and running the intake and out take fans 24/7. After everything the buds just dried out too quickly (5 days) this time i was thinking...
  11. Dreminen169

    Good Trimming Bins

    Does anyone have any recommendations of any good trimming bins that you’ve had success with?
  12. Purplenoogie28

    Curing in 5 Gal buckets

    Hey!! New here! Also pretty new to the cannabis growing world. I recently got a job as a cultivation tech where I spend most of my time drying and curing. We use 5 Gallon buckets for curing, after we’ve wet harvested and let the buds dry out for 5-7 days. I’m wondering... what seems like a good...
  13. P

    Dialing in on temp & humidity for drying

    Hello all! I harvested my bubba autos about two days ago, and I have been keeping a close eye on my tent where I am drying. I noticed throughout the day that my temp and humidity is on point, right around 70F and 50-55% humidity.At night on the other hand, I wake up to see that the temp is is...
  14. Alazzzar

    Boveda 58% for curing in mason jars

    I bought 6 humidity packs from Boveda 58% the ones with 8g’s. I’m curing in a mason jars, and the humidity inside is almost getting stuck at 55%..most of the time is at 57%. I’m at day 5 of curing. Now is Boveda 58% a good option? Wondering If I should’ve gotten the 62%.. Would that have been...
  15. Alazzzar

    My plant is done! Harvest photos.

    Thank you foks, y’all been really helpful. Here’s the update As I promised. :weed: I harvested it. And weight came in at 150g with branches.. Northern light (Autoflower) With Hesi and Gold label nutrients. Indoor. Grow tent. 87 days from seed to harvest. 400w hps. Any drying/curing advices?
  16. Growtosmoke!12345

    Gone while harvesting options

    so my three Banana Haze plants will be ready for harvest in 8-10days but leaving for a month in 12days so will not be able to give proper love. Been told to hang them with the roots up just wash the soil off and it will wait for me. Also if left hanged in the closet for 4weeks with carbon...
  17. TJ_BASS

    How long can you cure/store Bud?

    What is the longest you can cure and store bud? I’m just wondering if it was possible store bud for more than 2 years? Can it be done or will if just degrade and rot?
  18. Ali Bongo

    Storage Solutions, Curing, Smell Suppression | C Vaults

    Hey Rollitup, how's things? It's getting to one of those times of year where gardeners are gonna' start looking at storage solutions for curing and hiding those tantalising smells too. As I'm sure everybody here knows (way better than I do), curing is a make-or-break for your crop and it goes...
  19. P

    Drying room temp and humidity seem a little high

    I’ve got a 32”x32”x64” grow tent with a 4” AC Infinity intake fan, and a tower fan(Pointed at a wall in the tent on high) to help circulate the air. I’ve also got a small Vivosun dehumidifier to help with humidity levels. I have the tent in a garage so the surrounding temp and humidity is a bit...
  20. C

    When to harvest?

    So I have 2 plants, its my first time growing, im growing c99 and ive had them in fox farm ocean forest soil giving them FF trio nutrients, ive cut out all nutes a couple weeks ago and have been giving them nothing but water, thrichomes are all pretty milky, about 80% of the pistils have turned...