ethos genetics

  1. FreshTerpenes

    FreshTerpenes' Perpetual Grow Journal

    Hi growers! I wanted to catalog a lot of the new strains I am growing currently and ones that I will grow in the future. The plan is to grow a lot of "Ethos Genetics", "Exotic Genetix", and a few other winners. With that being said, here are the first strains/stats for the journal. Grow Space...
  2. E

    Need Help From Someone Who Is Familiar With Autoflowering Outdoors.

    As the title says, I'm over here beyond confused to the point I had to come on here due to finding so much conflicting information online and through the multiple resources I've picked up. While I'm not a veteran grower, I would like some input from someone who is familiar with this situation...
  3. max316420

    Advanced Nutes in promix HP question..

    So been using Advanced for a long time in promix and i have a strict schedule I stick to and seems to be pretty consistent, which keeps me happy. I’d like to hear anyone else’s feed schedule when it comes to frequency of feeding/plain waterings, supplements used, what ph you dialed your solution...
  4. McStrats

    Ethos Mandarin Cookies V2 - very stretchy

    So I went on a trip and left feeding instructions for a friend who was taking care of the plants while I was gone. They went into 12/12 a week before my trip. They were topped about 10 days before 12/12. When I returned I was surprised at how much they stretched. They look healthy, but huge...
  5. Canadian Growology

    Canadian Outdoors 2022

    Welcome!! Please share your grows! Just about to start flowering For me this years grow is a bit of a test between cheap municipal compost and a sunshine mix super soil. 100% Organic. Roughly 30 gallons of soil inside cages wrapped in plastic about a foot and a half high amended with 3 cups...
  6. FreshTerpenes

    Ethos Genetics - Quattro Kush F3

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to start a new grow Journal here on the site for these Ethos Genetics - Quattro Kush F3's I'll be running. The pack I picked up is a 70 pack (Regular) of different QK F3 crosses. First to pop will be the straight up QK F3's...Here's a photo of the actual seed pack, I'll...
  7. Forsure

    Ethos Genetics

    Hey all, can anyone help with a reliable supplier of Ethos genetic that ships internationally have tried contacting through there website but no response. Thanks in advance
  8. P

    I need help please

    I am growing some plants indoors currently under a 20 and 4 light schedule I would like to move them out within the next two weeks to start their flowering well they do okay with the switch will they flower as soon as I move them out or will they hold off until fall anybody who has experience...
  9. M

    My redemption grow 1

    Hoping for self redemption on this grow lol. I did a lot more research upgraded light to marshydro tsw2000 for my 3x3ft tent. I'm running ethos cherry-gar-see-ya fem seeds 2 plants. I use sunshine advanced mix #4 and I will be using the base advanced nutrients sensi grow only because have...
  10. Microphist

    Candy store from Ethos genetics grow journal.

    Started with 2 “1000” watt blurple leds and switched to a spider farmer sf-1000 shortly into flower, she smells like sharp lemon heads and is turning out to be quite beautiful.
  11. L

    Nutrient Deficiency?

    I am new to growing and having some issues. I have only been growing Morrocan kush, but just recently decided to grow multiple strains. I also just switched to General Hydroponics 3 bottle system and CMH lights (was LED). I am having my plants slowly turn yellow at the ends and eventually to...
  12. S

    Bud bleaching - newbie first grow

    So I’m three weeks into flower in my first grow I’m using the hlg 650rs and they seem to be absolutely strong as.. I’m not sure if I’m using them right or my plants just can’t handle the heat in the kitchen atm.. I’ve got them just under halfway atm hanging about 32” from the top of the canopy...

    New to breeding

    What’s up all. I’m new to breeding I’ve always wanted to to try it but got a little nervous now I want to know everything I can about breeding I have a discontinued strain from ethos I have 3 regular gmo runtz from them. If I breed them will they be usable seeds? I also have regular gmo cookies...
  14. L

    Hermie stress

    Howist guys I'm running a perpetual of 6 trays of 1m x 1m. Tray 1; 2; 3 and 4 is in one tent and 5&6 in the other tent I've found seeds on tray 1 and 2 respectively [44 & 34 days since flip ] Hermie plant on tray 2 I can only see seeds on tray 1,2 & 3 None on 4 ( Day 14 since flipped )...
  15. berrybongwell

    Ethos Genetics - "Mandarin Sunset"

    Planted into soil as of 1 hour ago: "Mandarin Sunset" (Herijuana X Orange Skunk) -Soil Grow -Organic -Dry Amendments, Compost Tea -COB LED + CMH Lighting systems
  16. Nutzach91

    Purple Majik from ETHOS genetics

    So I have 2 Purple Majik and 2 Cali black rozè×ChemD/I95 going. The Purple majik are like 5 days older than the Cbr. Both of these packs were freebies from Get seeds right here. LIGHTS- I will be vegging under an hlg 65 and flowering with 3 hlg 65's in 4000k and 1 hlg 135 in 3000k I also have...
  17. Soil2Coco

    Soil2Coco’s Indoor Multistrain Journal

    High Everyone, I just earned the privilege to start a new thread. I’ll update this journal as much as I can. I’m also active on other forums so bear with me. I’m just getting my room put back together after a mild case of mites. We decided to kill the entire batch of Mephisto Autoflowers...