1. VIVOSUN Official

    Here Comes Labor Day Giveaway!

    Are you ready for this giveaway? :razz: In order to celebrate this upcoming Labor Day, we’re launching this giveaway for everyone! :hump: How to enter: 1. Like this post 2. Share something interesting about your growing experience We will pick 1 winner on September 6th and give away our Herb...
  2. ViparSpectra

    ViparSpectra "Thanksgiving" Global Giveaway - Ends on Dec.18th

    ACTIVITY TIME: November 18th - December 18th. PRIZES: 1." ViparSpectra Earliest User" prize: $500.00 Cash.(1 winner, selected from the emails received in the mailbox) 2. "Lucky Prize": $100.00 Cash for each winner. When the number of comments is less than 1000, we will pick one winner. When...
  3. ViparSpectra

    ViparSpectra is 10 years old Now!

    In 2021, ViparSpectra is 10 years old.bongsmiliebongsmilie We're going to lance a 10th anniversary "Thanksgiving" Global giveaway, informs us which prize you want!
  4. Maxsisun

    Maxsisun's First Giveaway on Rollitup: Looking for a tester for MG3000

    Hello Growers! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and happy Monday! As a new sponsor on www.rollitup.org, Maxsisun will host a giveaway to SAY HELLO to the forum. You might have heard of or used Maxsisun products. What are your impressions, experience, reviews, or feedback about our products and...
  5. ViparSpectra

    ViparSpectra Giveaway for Labor Day: Win P4000 | Take 15% OFF with "LABOR15"

    Hi RIU members, Labor Day is coming, we are looking for a tester of ViparSpectra P4000 LED. Are you interested? ViparSpectra® P4000 400W Infrared Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 【High Efficiency】With the newest SMD LED technology, ViparSpectra P4000 LED grow light provides high PAR output, high...
  6. ViparSpectra

    ViparSpectra Giveaway is Coming Now! Who will be the lucky one to win the $299.99 voucher??

    Hello RIU members, :D :D :D Do you know the difference between the XS series and the Pro series? Today we will take XS2000 and P2000 as examples to make a comparison. ViparSpectra® XS2000 240W Infrared Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 【High Efficiency】Adopt the latest high-quality Samsung...
  7. MarsHydrofactory

    Mars Hydro 2020 XMS&NEW Year Giveaway starts now

    :weed::leaf:Mars Hydro 2020 XMS&NEW Year Giveaway starts now Giveaway Time: Dec 21 - Jan. 7 How to enter giveaway? - Like our posts and Follow @MarsHydrofactory on www.rollitup.org - leave comment and Share cannabis pictures or indoor plants of your own indoor growing. - Tell us which feature...