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  1. H

    I invite you to tell me how these plants are doing? (3 weeks old, Chemdog Indica)

    Hello, This is my first grow. I believe I stunted the growth of the two on the left by adding too much nutrient and or transplanting too soon. Those two have some nutrient burn on the lower leaves. I am noticing some wilting on the plants to the left and in the middle which I am not sure why...
  2. K

    Growers Choice Afghan Spring Harvest

    Hello medicinal and non-medicinal growers! We are live in the great state of Missouri! The show me state, gateway to west. And here in Gully town the only way to get your hands on some legal medicinal mj was to order seeds off a sketchy site and grow it yourself. It’s been 5 months misery let...
  3. Nizza

    IM BACK! Growers choice OG kush, Skunk kush, C99 grow comments pls

    5x5 gorilla grow tent, 40L air pots So i started these about a month ago theyre finally starting to grow nice and I will be turning on my 1000W mh soon, I had to get my old 6" fan back in order to turn it on I've been dying to see how these react. right now theyre under two mars 2 400w that pull...
  4. KayC

    HELP! Haze XL Auto- not coming along. We are in week 9

    This lady has given me issues from the beginning. Picky with everything! We are in week 9 from Germination and she just looks weird. Has anyone ever seen this type of growth? I did no training (lst, fim or top) with her since she was giving me problems. Is she just never going to flower...
  5. remington_tuff_lipz


    Hey fellow growers So I have a question regarding CMH lighting.I have looked on the internet and thru the post on riu and see there are some common opinions on things like bulb choice,bulb placement etc.These may seem like very silly questions but before I spend more $ (which I said I wasn't...