growing advice

  1. Runa

    Growing old school way

    So, not sure if you would call this 'old school' but I wish to grow weed without tents and fancy equipment... Basically as a house plant in my greenhouse that is part of my house, has walls and celing out of glass and a large number of other plants. Also has ventilation... Well a door I keep...
  2. Runa

    First time growing

    Hi everyone, As the title suggests I am trying to grow at home for the first time as an amateur for my own "pleasure" and am looking for advice and I guess reassurance I did not mess smth up. I have been growing vegetables and flowers from seeds for couple of years now so I am not a complete...
  3. B

    Germinating in final pot size

    Has anyone ever started their seed(s) in their final pot size but had different sized biodegradable cups in the center to act as potting up? Would this not work the same? since roots will first get balled up in the first (peat,coco) cup before breaking down to move to the next pocket?
  4. paradox3693

    my first grow ever, and my cat ate the leaves of it

    Hey guys, I'm new here, and I got a lil bit of problem with my plant it's the 5th day of it in the soil, and I have been taking a solid care for it:( I was in the other room when my cat got into the room that have the pot, and she took the plant of the soil, put it on the ground and she ate...
  5. dallywallyfc

    Tips for drying in confined spaces

    Hi! I’m currently growing 3 healthy female plants for my first time in Aus & they’ve been growing since November last year. I did attempt to grow a plant two years ago but didn’t have a clue on what I was doing and it turned male on me from overwatering & weather (wind) damage. The 3 I have now...
  6. G

    Strain suggestions!

    Hope all is well everyone!! I’m going to be doing my first outdoor grow this year and I’m wondering if anyone has any high performing strains they recommend. I’m in Massachusetts / NH area and I’d really like to pick a strain or a few that performs well in this climate!! Preferably classic...
  7. G

    Help please! Images attached

    I started off With happy frog in red solo cups and had to be away for a week or 2 so they stayed in them for too long. I transferred into 5 gal recently using Big Rootz soil. Considered a super soil they said at the hydro store. They recommended using BioCanna Rhizotonic and BioCanna Vega.. I...
  8. G

    Has anyone used MOAB in DWC?

    Considering using Mother of all blooms in my DWC grow just curious if anyone has used & what the results where because I can’t find many videos about it online?
  9. C

    COD Warzone anyone?

    It would be live if I can have some friends I can kill shit n talk ab growin with. Ha bc nobody I know gives af bc I’m the only one growing. So comment activision gamer tag below if u down! Stay frosty ☃️