growing organic cannabis

  1. N

    Using bud and bloom with incredible bulk..

    Ive been trying to find a relatively cheap and organic way to grow great crops...ive found if you mix coco coir and perlite at 50/50 or 60/40 (coco being the majority) with 2 cups of bud and bloom for every 5 gallon of soilmix works dress with all purpose 4-4-4 at...
  2. thegrowgarage

    Daily video grow log - cult classics "enchanted cookies" - 600w gavita tent, no till, living soil

    What's happening guys! Finally back in a good spot to grow and started a YouTube channel to document my journey. Got 7 cult classic enchanted cookie seedlings under a 150w hps in a 4x2x4 tent, using cc's living soil mix. Using a 4x4 secret jardin ds120 and 600w gavita for flower. So follow...