Using bud and bloom with incredible bulk..


Ive been trying to find a relatively cheap and organic way to grow great crops...ive found if you mix coco coir and perlite at 50/50 or 60/40 (coco being the majority) with 2 cups of bud and bloom for every 5 gallon of soilmix works dress with all purpose 4-4-4 at week 3 veg 1 tablespoon per 6inch of pot and every 4 week after if you continue to veg that long.. then top dress with bud an bloom 3-9-4 with 4 tablespoons per 12 inch of pot or 5 tablespoon for 5 gallon just before switching to flower..then at week 4 flower start using incredible bulk..never ph adjust water just use distilled water its like 80cents a gallon..i personally collected the water from my dehumidifier...also a very helpful but not totally necessary ingredient would be real growers recharge or Mikrobs Microbial Superpack both are basically the same thing just benificial bacteria for the soil and roots... demetrious earth works great for pests..incredible bulk is kinda expensive but a lil goes a long way if anyone has any better recommendations for a organic dry water soluble bloom booster thats cheaper im all ears..