help a bro out

  1. Y

    Help asap

    First time grower in a 6x6 tent just entered week 3 flower got 1000 watt led light on full blast plenty of fans fox farm grow soil started feeding them flora series in week 4 of veg and have been since about once maybe twice a week , feed water water feed. I keep my ph at 6.3-6.5. 70% of my...
  2. N

    Is this male preflowers or am i being paranoid

    Got some fem spumoni seeds by the plug and I'm worried one could be a male or hermie anyone no by these pictures
  3. B

    What’s wrong with my girls

    Noticed these white spots on fan leaves and my fan leafs point down.(see highlighted photo)
  4. A

    Growth help

    Hey, first grow here and 3x of my 4 plants are pretty short and look completely different from the other. all under the same nutes/ph etc. All were the same seeds apparently (Gorilla Bomb). Is there anything I can do to get the other 3 to help them grow taller to sort of catch up? When I...
  5. Astro_dro

    Is this a hermaphrodite?

    As the title says can someone tell me if my plants turned into a hermaphrodite?
  6. P

    Advice on bubblegum photo fem grow

    Hi everyone, This is my second attempt at growing indoors but the first serious attempt and I could use some advice on how things are going and what changes I should make to get the best results. The short version of my first grow: Planted 6 random bag seeds, 3 were female, all grew strange...
  7. HolyDozia420


    Can anyone give me clarity on why my leaves are ugly? I just up-potted 2 days ago roots should be sitting pretty with access to amendments… I’ve only watered spring water and the plant is from seed. F.F. Coco Loco.
  8. M

    In need of some knowledge (my first grow)

    I am growing some Purple Lemonade from fast buds in 5gal fabric pot Mother earth Coco 70/30 mix Dr earth dry amendments 4-4-4 - 3-9-4 (added both at beginning once) Spider farmer Sf1000 led in a 2.5x2.5x5 tent about 2ft away I just finished week 2 and for about the last week growth has...
  9. K

    Help diagnosing issues

    I am having issues with my plants and I am wondering if anyone can help me diagnose and correct the issue
  10. E

    Plant leafs

    Hello I'm a new outdoor grower and my dogs recently chewed the bottom leafs of my plant Wich caused me to have to cut them off because they where small stems left wondering if my plant will be ok and still grow even tho it is trimmed to high?
  11. B

    Curling leaves

    I'm a first time grower and it's just for personal use so I'm not too bothered if everything doesn't go so well the first time, so please be nice The fan leaves on my auto have just started to curl under (I'll attach some photos) and I'd appreciate any pointers on how to avoid/fix these...
  12. M

    Should I flower these

    should I try and flowers these and get seeds if I did try and flower if veg for like 3 more weeks they probably get bigger then
  13. R

    Help? Herm, male or female?!?!?!

    So purchased some famished seeds...I think this one is star dog. Grown a phew plants before... but still super new to this. I'm finding this really really strange... it doesn't look like what I'm used to and I have a couple ayahuasca purples just sprouting so I dont want it to ruin them if I...
  14. TomatoGrower123

    Please look at this!

    I flushed them two times and gave them one watering with bio biz and followed the nutrient plan. I don't know what the hell is going on, I am worrying myself about the plants. Please tell me what to do.
  15. M

    My dads plants have aphids, I think. Please help!

    My dads plants are outdoor grow, he’s a rookie and doesn’t know how to use technology so I try to help him as much as possible. He asked me to ask you guys if there’s any resolution to this. There appears to be aphids and they are in the flowering stage. What can we do? Not on all plants, just a...
  16. TomatoGrower123

    Plant deficiency or burn?

    Can you please help me analyze if this is a deficiency or a burn? Thanks
  17. Astro_dro

    I accidentally used cha ching way to early!

    So I just fed cha ching in the frist week of flower because I wasn't pay attention and thought it was open sesame. I realized my mistake about half way through and know I'm siting here thinking I just fucked half my crop. Can anybody tell me if this gonna cause serious problems down the line ?
  18. TomatoGrower123

    Phosphorus deficiency?

    Is this a phosphorus deficiency or what is it? Another thing will the Stem recover? Or what is wrong with it.
  19. V

    Slow growth and twisted leaves

    Hi guys, need some help! The plant is about 4 weeks old since sprout and it hasnt grown much, top leaves are starting to turn very light green color and bottom leaves are starting to twist. I've also noticed that the soil takes about 3 days to dry out. Isnt that a little too long? The pot have...
  20. TomatoGrower123

    Why isn't my plant progressing?

    My Harleyquinn CBD plants are now about a Month and 4 days old. I started LST at around week 3 and since then my plants are just in slow mode. Why are the plants not progressing I don't really understand. If you have any advice for me please let me know. I am loosing hope in my grow :(