1. N

    lucas Formula with LEDs - wtf!?!

    I have been growing with T5 in veg and HPS on bloom for over a decade. i just switched to LEDs... ( GC e420ROI & fluence SPYDRx in Veg ) and GC e4720ROI in bloom... I used to use the 5/10 with GH flora series in veg under T5, the bump it up to the full strength 8/16 in bloom under HPS. never...
  2. A

    First grow- gorilla cookies and gelato autoflowers

    Hi guys, I need some advice. It’s my first time growing. I’ve growing 3 gorilla cookies and 2 gelato from fastbuds- all Autoflowers. I’m at day 27/28. Grown under mars hydro tsl2000 in a 2x4 tent. Substrate is canna terra soil and perlite mix. First feed was on day 18 of veg nutes...
  3. T

    Dos Si Dos 33 not looking as good as Runtz Muffin & Lemon Ice 2.0. Am I doing something wrong?

    Media: Coco, perlite Light: Maxsisun PB4000 running 100% @18 inches Daily bottom feeding nutrients: Sensi bloom coco, Big Bud coco, golden tree & recharge PH: 5.8 Temps: 85-74 days & 74-67 nights Humidity: 59-45
  4. G

    buds growing really slow

    started growing october 1st (mid spring for southern hemisphere) so it’s been about 5 and a half months and the buds are growing really slow and it’s grown outdoors throughout summer and now it’s the start of autumn any ideas why it’s so slow this is my first plant
  5. A

    First feed and LST? First time grow in soil

    Hi guys, I have 5 autoflower seedlings at day 13. 3 gorilla cookies and 2 gelato from fastbuds. planted in 3 gallon pots in canna terra soil. Only been watering with water ph 6.2. I was wondering when to first feed nutes and start lst? do they look healthy and good size for the age? Thanks...
  6. B

    new to organic growing

    Hello. As the title states, I am new to organic growing. Literally have not even dipped my toes in the water. I can max out on bottles no problem but I have decided that I'd like to get back to the roots of gardening. Also, this will be my second time running autos. I have two alaskan diesel...
  7. R

    Help Diagnose please

    Ok I have a question, can someone help me diagnose this please. Light: SE7000 @ 40% power (around 700 PAR) 2 - 3 weeks into flower Soil: Foxfarm ocean forest soil + earthworm castings + black soldier fly larvae Nutrients: Gaia Greens dry amendments (4-4-4, 2-8-4, basalt rock dust, glacial rock...
  8. bellybell

    Please help

    I have a 3000 watt 3500 Kelvin and a 2x2x4 just curious if it is going to be too much or do I need to raise it they are currently sitting at 15 in above canopy
  9. R

    Blue Dream, Hydro

    hello, I believe its heat stress, leaf bubbling. set up as follows, canna coco, 3 gal, water every 4 hrs, ph of res 5.7-6 ppm 1300, air temp 72-82, humidity 50-58 light 20" from the plant 600 w hps at full strength week 4 from seed. 4x4 tent
  10. BigMoistDaddy

    Can I go To jail for growing weed on seperated state lines?

    So my house is divided in half. One side of the house is in a state where marijuana is illegal, and the other side of the house is in a state where homegrow is legal. If my house gets raided by police by the state where it’s illegal will I go to jail even if the plants are on the side of the...
  11. Smokezz420

    trying to find original autoflower seeds

    Hi everyone. About 14 years ago I ran some amazing autoflowering variants of AK47 from the breeder Dark Wizard Genetics. I understand autoflowers are bred with an updated auto now that grows bigger, produces more bud, and has more potency. But, these original autos I did stood about 1.5 feet...
  12. G

    Need advice new to growing

    Hi all. New to growing all together. Trying to learn and pick it up by trial and error. Ive had about 3 previous seeds die after sprouting. Best one made it to about week 4. Ive only tried autos as of now but want to try photos as well. plant im working with now is purple haze auto by original...
  13. jackmoo

    what can i do better on

  14. G

    First time grower. Any kind of advice is highly appritiated.

    PLANT ON THE RIGHT: It's an auto for sure, that much I know. The seed was from a buddy and he said it might be La S.A.G.E, but it was just a guess. It's 72 days old. Around 40 days since it started flowering. I repotted it 2 times (didn't think it was auto) and also lollipopped it a few days ago...
  15. A

    Need help with diagnosing (mites or ArMV?)

    So I'm 26 days into flower and my buds look to be dying. Seems to start with a blackening of the pistil till they completely wither and the buds begin turning orange/brownish. Aside from the white lickz (first two pictures) plant, all were healthy until week 2 of flower. The white lickz plant...
  16. F

    How often do I need to change the water in my reservoir?

    I have an ebb and flow system with a 55 gallon reservoir, I plan to use RO water with drip clean and a couple airstone along with my nutrients. I've been told you have change the water every 1-2 weeks or you'll get algae and salt build up but if I'm using airstones and drip clean is that really...
  17. B

    Self watering fabric pot base

    First off, sorry for the long post, and also, thank you for the help. So I picked up some AC infinity self watering fabric pot bases. I am running fox farm ocean forest and ff trio for nutes, 5 gal fabric pots. I'm wondering about how to feed the nutes. I currently mix mine with distilled water...
  18. Mr1PopU.k

    About to get my grow on... a little help thankyou

    Hi, im new to the forum and about to start my first grow. Personally i like to perfect my art and what im doing so for me ill only be growing one plant at a time until i am absolutely sure i know what im doing since im just starting out, Im about to make my purchase of a kit and just wanted a...
  19. Astro_dro

    Are my plants flowering ??

    These plants are still in veg but it looks like buds are forming :(
  20. Astro_dro

    Hydroperoxide used in grow ?

    So I have some plants that are very brittle they fall apart with very little pressure. I believe this is just because of the genetics (Gelato punch) but my dad thinks it's because we had some hydroperoxide in some nutrient bottles that got to fed to the plants. So I guess my question is, is...