1. W

    Female OR Hermaphrodite

    Hey guys this my first grow, and one of my plants looks a little strange can anyone tell me if she is herming out and is to to late for the other plants? They are all indoor in a 6x6 grow tent sorry for bad photos
  2. K

    Water only days question...

    Quick question, I’m using synthetic nutes for my girls. Feeding with every watering about 1.8EC 1100ppm Should I be incorporating only water days? As it stands I’m feeding every 5 days ish in 3 gal fabric pots. watering till a bit of runoff if I do just RO+ CalMag feeds would I only water...
  3. T

    Too much chlorophyll being pulled

    ello everyone, I just made a batch of shatter with 3 ounces of trim. Used very high-quality butane, hot water bath purge for 20 minutes, then 72+ hours vacuum purge with 80 to 90 Fahrenheit heat. The shatter turned out glass like, but had a horrible bitter taste which I associate with...
  4. KFThompson

    I think I killed them.

    These are outdoor grows. They had worms I used garlic spray, I think I over watered. Not sure if I should cut them and salvage what bud there is or if they can be fixed. So bummed. The last one is the only one that still have green leaves but I fear the brown may be bud rot. Any advice will...
  5. T

    How long do trichomes take to turn amber?

    Hey guys it is my first grow, i was told that my plant is ready for harvest, my wife and i wanted the plant to be a bit more calming. I was wondering, usually how long i should wait to let them turn amber? Ps. Does the 48 hours of darkness before harvest do anything?
  6. T

    Plant growth help , newer leaves turning light green in their center from dark green

    Hi y’all I been growing for a few years and always learning, so my plants were a nice healthy dark green the whole way through even new leafs were darker green cuz of their strains. I noticed today tho that some of the newer leaves are turing light green from their center and edges staying dark...
  7. Thomaspace00

    are this males ?

    they are seeds from a hermie auto flower plant have 10 plants they are 1 week 2 days into flower 5 plants have pistols but these dont need some help to nkow if they are males and how much time does a male need to polinate my other plants ?
  8. H

    Archive Seed Bank Light Speed - First Try. At First I Didn't Care Now I Do, Help.

    I popped the seed May 20th. It's been a while and this little girl just wasn't doing anything for the longest time. The first pictures are from last Thursday... that's basically what she looked like for two weeks until her seedling leaves (I'm stoned and can't remember the name) started to die...
  9. K

    Did this girl herm on me?

    Not sure what this is but I’m worried it’s a hermie now first grow so I’m not sure what I’m looking at
  10. K

    Quick question for water experts

    So just a quick question. Last night I mixed 70/30 RO water with tap water to get 150ppm Mixed in Aloe Vera flakes in (1/8th tsp) PH down to hit 6.1 today that simple water mixture is at 7.0 on the nose? What the hell happen? I thought tap water can raise but now I’m worried every feeding I do...
  11. E

    help! brown spots on buds, yellowing leaves. What am I dealing with?

    Hey fellow growers! The state of my autoflower is deteriorating fast unfortunately. It started with yellowing leaves about 10 days ago. Tried adding more fertilizer but that didn't seem to help. The plant has been in a greenhouse for 3 days when I wasn't home and it was hot weather, so that has...
  12. K

    Starting over, changing something HELP

    Hey ladies and gents! starting a fresh grow as I had all males last time for my first ever grow I’m germinating right now but I’m switching one major component. I’ll be using RO water from start to finish this time instead of my 350ppm tap water that I didn’t know was bad lol I switched to RO...
  13. E

    Are they ready for harvest?

    Should I start just doing straight water to flush? First time grower and not sure what to do.
  14. Towelie29

    Smelly grow tent/weird yellowish patches on leaves

    My tent has been smelling bad like rotting vegetables/eggs/sulpher for like a day. I just noticed these patches on my biggest plant and the smell almost seems to be coming from the leaves? What the hell is this, i can't even identify it? I thought it was my c02 bag... but it smells fine and the...
  15. peshoegei123

    Is my plant too stretched out 5week old

    Hey guys quick update and a question, is she too stretched out or is it okay .Cause I think there's too much space between each set of leaves and because I use a windows she got stretched. She is 5weeks old northern lights auto-flower and 35cm long with 10cm between each set of leaves .Also the...
  16. diabIo

    Transplanting Autoflowers

    Hey RIU community, I am currently germinating ten autoflower seeds, LSD and Blackberry from Beaver Seeds, w/ the paper towel method. I've mixed 3 cu. ft of FFOF and 2 cu. ft of FFHF - will this still be too hot for seedlings? After reading about Happy Frog's material list, I quickly realized...
  17. K

    Are these male or female?

    Not sure if these are male or female Can anyone help? 1) This is one plant, didn’t want to jump the gun thinking it was male. 2) actually chopped this one thinking it was male. Worried I cut it too early now :(
  18. D

    What are these leaves trying to tell me?

    I have 4 strains going. Getting close to harvest. 3 are nice and green. This aculpulco is throwing some weird colors. Like a red/magenta, Marron color. What do you guys think?
  19. Pmurp

    At a loss once again

    So last night I noticed my plant was starting to droop, the pot felt light and soil felt dry so I watered plain pH 6.5. this morning when I checked on the plant it still looks droopy but with much more yellow than last night. It’s my second grow and this ones been problem after problem. Is it...
  20. peshoegei123

    canabis leaves closed up

    i just woked up and i saw 4 of my plant leaves were curled up downwards as u can see it in the pics, idk what caused it.Its autoflower northern lights.