led light distance

  1. Blossom21

    How far to keep your LED's / Quantum Boards from the canopy?

    This question about lights is probably as old as the first people who started to grow weed with electricity, and has been asked tons of times here too without end in sight. I didn't see a "real dedicated" topic about it either so decided to make one. Maybe some official or unofficial infotopic...
  2. ROCKO123

    Possibly OVERKILL but what’re your THOUGHTS ???

    I’m growing in a 2.5x2.5x60 tent. lighting: Mars Hydro TSW2000 distance: 18” from top canopy power: dimmed down from 305w to 250w Growing 2 Pineapple Express autos and 1 sour kush auto from growers choice. All 3 are super pungent and covered in tricomes. My question is.... I know the light is...
  3. Abacus420

    Advice Needed for a 1st time grower !!

    My setup Inculdes: 5x5x7 Vivosun grow ten 6Inch Vivosun Inline fan/Carbonfilter Viparspectra 900w Reflector series TaoTronics humidifier So my question is is this Led going to be enough to flower these 4 ladies, or should i pick another Viparspectra 900w Reflector series or would Two 54w...
  4. NewbyGrower77

    HLG 260W Quantem Board Distance For Seeding to Flower

    Hi guys , This is my 1st grow 260W HLG light with 2*4 tent. 3 auto flowers (speed buds from female seeds) with compost soil (local pot mix) still it's germinating (soak in a glass , after sink plant in 5 galoon pot + cover with a humidity dome) Temp around 29 - 30 RH 50 - 70% (tent in...