HLG 260W Quantem Board Distance For Seeding to Flower


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Hi guys ,

This is my 1st grow 260W HLG light with 2*4 tent.

3 auto flowers (speed buds from female seeds) with compost soil (local pot mix)

still it's germinating (soak in a glass , after sink plant in 5 galoon pot + cover with a humidity dome)

Temp around 29 - 30 RH 50 - 70% (tent in a AC room)

Its under 2 feet distance 260W light.

Can anyone help me with Quantum board light distance?

Like xx inches for seeding - germinating

xx inches for veg and flower.

Would be great. I am really trying to read and understand how to fine tune my grow but my english just sux...

Peace guys.....