1. Yesyes3000

    HLG quantum boards 288v1 for $29

    Hello I’m wondering how I could run the 288v1 boards from HLG without heatsink. If I were to run them at 60watts a piece does anyone know what the least expensive driver would be for that scenario? So a 240watt driver. Kinda of looking for the qb132’s LRS-350 driver equivalent to the 288v1...
  2. Nizza

    GPS eastcoast stardawg grow journal

    Ok so I figure i'll post updates here. so far 5/6 are living. 1 was fucked up by a slug . I put these into a glass of water 6 days ago. Using happy frog soil with no nutrients and tap water right now. Qb 288 rspec on a heat sync for a light for now and also air pots for the containers.
  3. shan1784

    Just Pulled Trigger on Some Quantum boards. Questions

    Hello from Michigan! Hopefully we will be req legal on Nov 6 which is when the big vote takes place. So in preparations I decided to start looking at designing a grow room. I have a beautiful spot in my basement. We have a shelter under our pourch. Put in as a tornado shelter but am going to...
  4. M

    HLG600 build, 6 qb288?

    hey guys, pretty self explanatory here. Just picked myself up an HLG-600-54b from a gentleman with 6x 2700k and 2x 4000k qb288(the 561s), heatsinks, all hardware, fans, waterproof connectors, for $730 altogether. Solid deal I feel. Just built a 4x 2700k on two slates designed for 3 boards...
  5. robincnn

    Quantum Board QB 288 V2

    Old QB 288V1 thread here Thanks to everyone who supported original Horticulture Lighting Group QB 288 and QB 304. V2 was have possible only from your support. What is difference between Quantum Board QB 288 V2 and QB 288 V1 QB 288 V1 uses LM561C , 5630 package QB 288 V2 uses LM301B , 3030...
  6. NewbyGrower77

    Nute Burn or Light Burn Or Issues with my Soil - QB288

    Seems trouble coming from my hot soil. Leafs getting yellow /white and buring tips. -Medium/grow method: soil - I purchased from local store. It's a compost soil. Seems like it's a hot soil. It's the only soil i have access unless backyard soil. (unable to import soil as it's prohibited...
  7. NewbyGrower77

    HLG 260W Quantem Board Distance For Seeding to Flower

    Hi guys , This is my 1st grow 260W HLG light with 2*4 tent. 3 auto flowers (speed buds from female seeds) with compost soil (local pot mix) still it's germinating (soak in a glass , after sink plant in 5 galoon pot + cover with a humidity dome) Temp around 29 - 30 RH 50 - 70% (tent in...