1. D

    Need help with LED choice.

    Hello guys, I would like to get your opinion regarding this led light. I'm currently using a 400w HPS bulb in a 4x4 room growing 4 auto's which cover the whole area.Ive been thinking of changing the HPS for a LED. My main concern is that I want to benefit from the electricity cost reduction...
  2. S

    Led comparison. Growers choice roi-900 vs Luxx 860 pro xr

    Looking to buy a new light. I have a 7 foot wide grow space so I really like the idea of a 5ft wide grow light, (both are 5 feet wide). I have a roi-e680 and a hlg Diablo scorpion rn. I’m going to keep both of them and use my new light in a new area. Love both of those lights for different...
  3. T

    Light mover

    So I'm thinking of getting rid of the tent it's a 4x4 but there's 2 ft left i can use does anybody know if it's worth having a light mover to cover 1 ft either side so I can use all the space my light is a spider farmer 4000
  4. Grbowker

    First time grow

    Zkittles week 2 in bloom. Proud papa. 1st time grow.
  5. xIPhobiaIx

    LED 4x4 vs 5x5 yield question

    Hello all, If I run the Mars Hydro FC-E6500 in a 4x4 or 5x5 will their be a difference in yield? I am not sure if the larger space would see an increase in yield due to more plants but less light per plant or if the smaller space would yield more with less plants but more light per plant. One...
  6. HydroKid239

    Cultiuana CT-660w & a 1 plant scrog

    This run I was graced with an LED fixture from Cultiuana.com to give a test run. This is the CT-660 model. It’s a pretty nice fit in a 4x4 tent. Additional info on the light, and their other models can be found at www.Cultiuana.com Other items being used: Tent: Mars Hydro 4x4 Inline fan &...
  7. VIVOSUN Official

    It 's time to try VIVOSUN Smart Grow System!!!

    Woohoo! The much-anticipated AeroLight & GrowHub controller giveaway is coming! Wanna experience our award-winning LED grow light? Join us to start the automatic growing journey. One lucky friend will get AeroLight, GrowHub Controller & gift box. Simple to enter: 1. Follow @vivosun.official 2...
  8. E

    Which one of these lights for my veg tent?

    Hey guys I have both of these lights and I’m going to be giving one to a friend as I’m upgrading my lights all around but for now I need to choose one of these two lights to keep for my 4x4 veg tent. Please don’t recommend other lights as I already have both of these and will be choosing one too...
  9. M

    LED boards with heatsinks or without?

    Hello everyone! I am considering buying QB-like boards from AliExpress. And I really need advice from experienced growers. My task is to make additional artificial lighting in the spring-autumn period (temperate continental climate) in a greenhouse near my mother-in-law's country house...
  10. E

    Spider Farmer SE5000 vs SE7000 for 4x4

    I am looking for a new flower room light for a 4x4 tent no co2 and have been looking at either the Spider Farmer SE5000 or the SE7000. Wanted to know what you guys thought would be the better route
  11. E

    What Lights in your veg room?

    I'm curious to see what lights you guys like to run for your veg rooms. I'm looking to make my setup perpetual and will need veg lights. I'm in the air between t5s or LEDs so figured id see what your guys like to use!
  12. E

    Questions on Spider Farmer SE5000!

    Hey guys I just ordered a Spider Farmer SE 5000 for my AC infinity 4x4 tent. I paid 500 flat shipped, But a friend of a friend today told me he has 2 Spider Farmer sf 4000s he would sell me for 450 maybe 400. Before I ordered I had done my research etc, but I heard somewhere that the newer SE...
  13. T

    8 x 8 grow room. 1 light 1000watt or 2 lights 480 watt.

    Hello guys, I have a room around 8 x 8. Not sure for a light set up. Should i go with Se1000w from Spider farmer 1light or se5000 or fc4800 mars with 2 lights? In my grow room. Thanks this series he use se7000 1 light in a 10*10 grow room. Got me thinking a lot!!
  14. VIVOSUN Official

    Happy 4th! Get Limited 15% Off Now!

    Happy 4th! We've prepared a 24-hour sale - 15% off with the code "GROWFREE15" on VIVOSUN. Perfect time to pick up all the equipment that your grow space is missing. It’s not often we’re able to offer such a good deal, so come to get it while it lasts, just on July 4th! And we wish you the very...
  15. needthacheeba

    Distance, lst and # of plants

    I have 6 mars hydro ts1000s. Spaced about 10-12 inches apart. As of now I have 8 plants and the fixtures are about 12-15 inches away from the canopy. I am 4 and a half weeks into flower and I was wondering a few things... Should I move them closer? What should my ambient and leaf surface temps...
  16. A

    Yellow and twisted leaf tips (what now, light burn, nute burn or a deficiency?)

    Hey folks! :) I wanted to ask some more experienced growers about a problem I just discovered recently. On some of my plants, mostly the taller ones, the leaf tips started yellowing a bit and soon began to twist themselves (it pains me just to look at it :?). First, I only noticed it at the...
  17. Urihalton

    Grow light recommendations

    Hey guys, so currently I’m running a sf4000 in a corner of my 10x10 room because that’s all I could afford earlier. But I want to upgrade my grow room, and was thinking which LED lights I should go for. My choice so far is spider farmer se1000. I’ve also checked out luxx lighting. I need a...
  18. W

    Blurple LED's

    OK. I have experimented with may different lights. I have also read many of the threads discussing LED's and the one thing that always comes up is people hating on two companies that have never done me wrong and have always given good results with one exception. BlackDog LED and Platinum LED...
  19. L

    Led light for a 4x4 (budget)

    Iam new to growing and iam finishing my first run and I knew nothing about growing and bought the cheapest equipment I found. Now iam a little more into growing and iam thinking upgrading to a 4x4 and iam still in a budget and looking for a led light capable of veging and blooming a 4x4 but in a...
  20. cozyboytro

    New here and to Growing! (Need LED advice)

    Hey everyone! I just joined the site and have been recently thinking about growing since I've gotten my own place now and would like to make a small indoor setup that could fit 2-3 maybe 4 plants. I was thinking about going with an LED light setup and wouldn't mind investing for a quality...