1. C

    Light Burn or Deficency

    High my friends, Just ja quick question. Can you identify what lead to the yellow brown spots on my leads. These girls are different strains 4 weeks into flower und around 400w 3500k led/1,44m2 They are all bio and only get ph corrected almost RO water. The soil ist conditioned with some bio...
  2. VIVOSUN Official

    Happy New Year

    Hi everyone! We at VIVOSUN want to wish you the very best for your new year. We want to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being such an amazing community that supports and teaches one another. That selflessness is what makes this so special. We really appreciate everything you...
  3. Rolla J

    3x3 Grow log 4 Hortibloom 350 Solux Led

    Will be taking a 3x3 area and flowering a couple cultivars under the Hortibloom 350 Solux Led Grow Light. Thank you for sending it out @HortiBloom https://hortibloom.com/collections/solux/products/solux-350-led-grow-light I brought the light inside on my lunch break to warm up B4 use. I did...
  4. E

    LED vs Solar Power (Offgrid)

    Example: What would be the total cost of a solar system to power 12 x 650W LED lights offgrid in a sealed grow room? The intranet states (several places) that a 5kw system generates roughly 20kwh per day. A 650W LED uses 7.8kwh per day @ 12 hours. 12 lights would use a total of 93.6kwh per...
  5. Mr.Hendrix

    Does LED room temp affect the resin wax membrane

    Hey guys I noticed my plants are happiest under my LED light with a room temp of low to mid 80’s. I was curious if anyone has any info if the higher temp will change the trichome wax membrane from thin to thick. I know not all resin is the same but curious if the higher temp could change the...
  6. SaHt420

    Apple Betty led grow 300w

  7. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN Cyber Monday Giveaway

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    VIVOSUN Black Friday Sale--Get Up to 50% Off Discount

    Get Up to 50% Off!!! Time: Nov 21-27 Shop now: https://amzn.to/3AHm9w2
  9. v12xjs

    Twin Peaks

    Hey RIU, been too long. I just started another little grow and thought I'd share. It's going to be a perpetual but doing that properly requires a good supply of new plants, so I'll start with my clone cab. The cab itself is a midi pc case with a 20w LED floodlight up top and a 2w fan...
  10. D

    Peep my setup & Reccomend a veg light!

    Fellow growers, what's happening! I'm wrapping up my indoor set up and looking to improve my veg light. I run these (see photos). A 300w ufo led and a 200w cob? Light. They do fairly well. Not complaining. However I'd like to consolidate and run one light in the veg tent. This is a 3x3...
  11. D

    School me on your lighting experience

    Fellow growers. What's happening! As energy costs continue to rise, I am finally starting to think about a lighting change. I've always run hortilux mh and hps. Typically one 600 watt and one 1000 watt in a 4x8 tent using magnum XXL low pro hoods. I love the setup... I usually pull down roughly...
  12. D

    Need help with LED choice.

    Hello guys, I would like to get your opinion regarding this led light. I'm currently using a 400w HPS bulb in a 4x4 room growing 4 auto's which cover the whole area.Ive been thinking of changing the HPS for a LED. My main concern is that I want to benefit from the electricity cost reduction...
  13. S

    Led comparison. Growers choice roi-900 vs Luxx 860 pro xr

    Looking to buy a new light. I have a 7 foot wide grow space so I really like the idea of a 5ft wide grow light, (both are 5 feet wide). I have a roi-e680 and a hlg Diablo scorpion rn. I’m going to keep both of them and use my new light in a new area. Love both of those lights for different...
  14. T

    Light mover

    So I'm thinking of getting rid of the tent it's a 4x4 but there's 2 ft left i can use does anybody know if it's worth having a light mover to cover 1 ft either side so I can use all the space my light is a spider farmer 4000
  15. Grbowker

    First time grow

    Zkittles week 2 in bloom. Proud papa. 1st time grow.
  16. xIPhobiaIx

    LED 4x4 vs 5x5 yield question

    Hello all, If I run the Mars Hydro FC-E6500 in a 4x4 or 5x5 will their be a difference in yield? I am not sure if the larger space would see an increase in yield due to more plants but less light per plant or if the smaller space would yield more with less plants but more light per plant. One...
  17. HydroKid239

    Cultiuana CT-660w & a 1 plant scrog

    This run I was graced with an LED fixture from Cultiuana.com to give a test run. This is the CT-660 model. It’s a pretty nice fit in a 4x4 tent. Additional info on the light, and their other models can be found at www.Cultiuana.com Other items being used: Tent: Mars Hydro 4x4 Inline fan &...
  18. VIVOSUN Official

    It 's time to try VIVOSUN Smart Grow System!!!

    Woohoo! The much-anticipated AeroLight & GrowHub controller giveaway is coming! Wanna experience our award-winning LED grow light? Join us to start the automatic growing journey. One lucky friend will get AeroLight, GrowHub Controller & gift box. Simple to enter: 1. Follow @vivosun.official 2...
  19. E

    Which one of these lights for my veg tent?

    Hey guys I have both of these lights and I’m going to be giving one to a friend as I’m upgrading my lights all around but for now I need to choose one of these two lights to keep for my 4x4 veg tent. Please don’t recommend other lights as I already have both of these and will be choosing one too...
  20. M

    LED boards with heatsinks or without?

    Hello everyone! I am considering buying QB-like boards from AliExpress. And I really need advice from experienced growers. My task is to make additional artificial lighting in the spring-autumn period (temperate continental climate) in a greenhouse near my mother-in-law's country house...