1. G

    Goodsmokejoe's fully organic grow

    Wats happening this good smoke Joe and it's been a while since I had a grow journal so I decided to start 1 follow along wit ya boy as I grow my favorite strains and try to find new 1s
  2. G

    Poor man's indoor lights

    Hey ppl! I'm pretty new to the art and science of growing indoors and, since I have a low budget, I was thinking if maybe, I could try and use normal, supermarket red and blue LED lights. Is that possible or practical? Also, can color filters be used? (Like putting a red acrylic on a white LED...
  3. xps

    AK48 AUTO

  4. A

    Disaster Chinese cob lights

    I was pretty excited to get back into growing. Some time ago I built a room with hps lighting and this got crazy hot. I swore next go around I’d get led. So fast forward some years and here we go I purchased a bunch of these used lights on Craigslist the other day. Thought 5 of these 800w cob...
  5. ҖҗlegilizeitҗҖ

    4x4 RDWC Granddaddy Purple LED Grow

    Hey everyone! Excited to kick this grow off. I'm running Spiderfarm SF4000 5.3g square grow buckets 12 gallon rez 25 gallon storage barrel (total of about a 24 gallon system) 1.5" PVC with bulkheads 865 GPH Quiet-One water pump Eco Air5 1300 GPH airpump Complete Cultured solutions line RO water...
  6. HolyGhost23

    I use to LED, but now I CMH. for one main reason.

    besides the basics like PH, PPM, and min wattage/lumen per plant. all my years of growing have come to this conclusion. UV and sulphur uptake are most important for THC production, especially when you are trying to get above 23%. other than that, extremely good genetics are required as well...
  7. D

    HLG 600 R Spec & Mars Hydro FC4800 questions

    Does anyone know if you can remove the driver on the HLG 600 r spec to put outside of tent? Actually let me rephrase that, does the light come with a cord long enough to put the driver outside of a tent? I’m looking into getting a light in my 4 x 4 tent for flower. I am currently looking at the...
  8. Millo

    Help me choose between 2 crappy LEDs :D

    Hey RIU! I'm planning on building a "micro-space" for assisting my ladies from seed to first weeks of veg. I'm doing this because I want to use my 1x1x2m tent for pre-flower to harvest only. If I put seedlings in there I would not be able to offer them the best conditions lightwise bcus the...
  9. CJ0420

    LED equivalent of 600w hps?

    I currently have a 600w hps running in my closet but only running at 200w and heat is still an issue , I have about all the ventilation /airflow that I can rn , so am thinking to Change to LED but don’t rly wanna sacrifice yeild / quality if possible , I also don’t rly wanna bankrupt myself On a...
  10. C

    In need of some help with these ladies

    In need of some help with figuring out what’s happening to my plants! They are all the same age about 64+ days old northern lights x big bud auto.
  11. T

    long time grower thinking about switching to LEDs

    I am considering starting a new 6 light grow and considering switching two 8 light rooms, from Gavita Pro (double ended) 1000watt lights to the new Gavita LED 1700E (drawing roughly 640watts) Pacific North West (cold winters, hot summers, legal grows) the new room: basement 6.5'ceilings...
  12. maranibbana

    Mara's Organic KNF Indoor Garden

    :sleep::sleep::sleep::o Imma keep this one pretty straight to the point, will give a little over view of the set up, the process, and the results <3 Will be asking questions and answering them Love you all and hope everyone is staying safe and living fully. 100% Organic 100% LED 70% KNF...
  13. C

    Light Distance and Dimming

    Hello, I have an indoor frost pro 280W in a 4x2 tent... I am wondering about light dimming and the height of the light for the plants... If I am starting a grow with seedlings what height should my light be at and also how dim should the light be? How do I increase the light over time on the...
  14. SpawnOfVader

    $750 Max on LED for 4x4 - What would you get?

    I'd love to DIY and have some ideas but it's another project I don't know when I'll get around to (mid getting licensed for commercial cannabis and starting my business). The max budget I was setting aside for a DIY project was about $700. Criteria LED only - This is in my home office and I...
  15. S

    A Solid LED to check out! dont sleep on this

  16. SpawnOfVader

    DIY Design- First Build (input welcome)

    I'm about a month out from having the budget for my DIY bloom build and I'm looking to finalize my design/start ordering a few parts here and there as I have the $$. Planning on using these 44" samsung F strips (could be persuaded to change based on pricing BUT I like how condensed these LED...
  17. Alazzzar

    400 hps from above + Side lights..effective?

    *Repost Yessirr! I’m back like I never left with those stupid questions of mine.. Anyways.. Yesterday I installed 2 new LED lights 100w x2 (=200w) I got a 400w hps already installed there. My questions are: Does side lighting increase yield? Effective with a pair of LEDs or useless? Does it...
  18. Alazzzar

    Side lights..effective?

    Anyone here experienced with side light? Effectiveness? Please share :weed:
  19. C

    What is going on ova here?

    Hi Everyone, I am sitting here looking at my plant and I just can't seem to figure it out... Attached are the pictures, all Banana Kush. I have been watering them with the correct measurement of FUL-Power and Epsom salts to cure what I thought was a Magnesium deficiency. I did this every other...
  20. SBBCal

    HSC Sour Diesel-4x4

    What's up RIU, rather than random pics and posts spread all over, figured I'd get my shit together and keep it on here. Any , good or bad comments, questions, suggestions, anything! please drop a dime. Equipment: 4x4 vivo tent - (3) honeywell oscillating fans 6" vivo inline w/carbon - 6"...