1. Trannabis

    Flowering Phase help!

    So my plant finally started to flower (I’m 2 weeks in), and the nutrients in my soil are running out (which were only good for veg anyways). Would you say it’s safe to begin adding flowering nutrients? Or should I keep with the veg nutrients for a little longer until the flowers are a bit more...
  2. Harmanabi

    Topping and nutrients differences

    Hi everyone i did topping to my girls. At first blooming week currently I give them 1ml Atami cal mag 4ml iguana bloom juice per one lt. They are in 14lt pots. With 400w hps. they have some symptoms on the leafs. my questions are 1. What’s this leaf problem? 2. Should I give more...
  3. dallywallyfc

    Red fan-leaf stems, should I be worried?

    Hey guys, Im currently growing three plants in Aus & all three are starting the flowering process. Two of them I’ve noticed have started developing red fan-leaf stems and I did some googling and read there’s something called Cannabis Phosphorus Deficiency. I don’t know if my plants have this...
  4. R

    Combating RDWC nutrient depletion and build up.....

    Ive been battling issues in my rdwc systems grows for years. Im currently using jacks321 formula with on going issues. I was shown this article that talks about in a recycling system (rdwc,dwc) the plants uptake npk...
  5. G

    Has anyone used MOAB in DWC?

    Considering using Mother of all blooms in my DWC grow just curious if anyone has used & what the results where because I can’t find many videos about it online?
  6. H

    Ppms in nutrients

    After you feed your plants using the flood and drain system do you check and see if the ppm goes down and add more nutrients to keep it fed at the same ppms? Whats ur thoughts on this?
  7. H

    Discolored leaves

    Hi all, I need to feed my plants today and was hoping for some advice before I do. The one plan is looking quite light green and not very healthy, problem is I’m not entirely sure what is wrong... I have included pictures and think you can tell which of the three I am talking about. I have 2...
  8. C

    Watering and nutrient schedule help.

    So of course I’m a new guy just looking to learn. I’m running a 3x2.5x6ft tent, 1000w bloomspect LED, right now I have them in a 2:1 ratio of coco to perlite. (2/3 coco-1/3 perlite). I also have 3 part nutrients by advanced nutrients. The ph perfect line . Micro-grow-bloom. General hydro...
  9. T

    Yellowing and Dying Leaves after Feeding

    Hey there, I recently fed my plants as I started to see flowers with new fertilizer. It’s a 4-4-8 organic fertilizer by promix and soon after one’s leaves started turning yellow and dying. Then the other’s fan leaves started to do the same. I’m wondering if there is a deficiency or an abundance...
  10. D

    What PPM during transition?

    10 gallon pot Fox farm ocean forrest soil Famurs 3000 w led Botanical nutrients pure blend pro bloom soil Feed feed water schedule 2nd week of flower OK I'm reading runoff at 246ppm. Do I add 600ppm more next feeding or do I need another 800ppm? Each time I read the runoff it seems the plant...
  11. M

    What is the best ph water level range for auto flowers?

    Hi everyone, recently picked up some Bubble and Kush XL autoflowers I am growing using Foxfarm ocean soil. Just getting now to learning about nutrients and maintaining balanced ph level water. Looking for some general tips and advice on what to learn and do to have healthy auto flowers. 1) What...
  12. M

    soil vs synthetic nutes

    Hello guys, would it be safe to use canna terra (synthetic) nutes with a store-bought soil with mycorrhizae mixed with some perlite? Or should I go with organic nutes (biobizz)? Thank you guys for your replies

    Help with Ppms. New nutrients

    What’s up all? I’m using a new nutrients ambrosia cropz it’s a salt base nutrient in veg cal mag and fruit/flower. I’m supposed to go off ppms but I’m new to this because I was lazy and bought advanced nutrients master grow Ph perfect bundle which don’t get me wrong grew some great buds but I...
  14. Growin4fun734

    Fox farm, flora series, or Humboldt secrets?

    Wondering which is the best? I’m growing in fox farm soil. And they are all around the same price, as well as similar feeding schedules. From what I’m reading, everyone uses GH flora series for decades, fox farm is good but can easily burn your plants (this would happen to a new grower like...
  15. P

    Nutrient burn

    Hi! If I do a watering with ph balanced water will the tip burn go away or it will stay like this?
  16. S

    Use bloom and micro?

    Hi all so I’m just a little stuck I’m in week 4 of flower wanna give my plants some Nutes it’s been a week but I don’t know if I’m giving them what they need to use up some nitrogen last 3 weeks or so plain ph water (6.5) It was 7.8 for first month or so of grow and growing in soil. I have the...
  17. S

    Only feeding Nutes once and awhile

    Hi everyone so I’m just wondering something I got 9 plants in a 5x5 2 1200 Phlizon led in 5 gal fabric pots in soil miracle grow ( don’t say it, I already know). So started them first week March. started em off week 4 veg with some Nutes GH flora series. This isn’t my first grow just haven’t...
  18. P

    How much molasses should I add/liter of water?

    Hi! My plants are at day 38 Im growing in coco ph is around 5.8! Thx
  19. Firsttimegrow24

    Early signs of nitrogen toxicity and how to treat it

    I believe some of my girls may be starting to show some Signs of nitrogen toxicity due to the fact a couple random fingers on 1 or 2 fan leaves are slightly bending down but nothing crazy no nute burn and the leaves are a little darker green than photos of The pro growers on here I’ve seen but...
  20. Firsttimegrow24

    Couple of important questions!

    So question 1. How do you use the Velcro flaps on the bottom Of your grow tent, especially during flower do you keep it open while lights are on then close when lights off? How long do you keep them Open? question 2. If your buds are heavy and stems with buds are leaning what’s the best...