1. inlovewthecoco

    Espoma organic potting mix

    Hi everyone, switching to organic from coco/liquid nutes my base is going to use FFOF but Im planning on diluting the top half of the pot with Espoma organic potting mix so that it’s not too hot for a seedling. has anyone tried this product? would appreciate any insight! Thanks!
  2. B

    Second grow, same issue

    Hey fellow growers, I'm on my second grow here and I'm facing the same issue as before.. Ghetto setup: - Bagseed - Small DIY growbox with reflective bubble wrap inside - 2 x 23W 6400K CFL's + 1 x 45W 6400K UFO LED - 2 x PC fans (inlet+outlet) - Store bought high-quality universal and organic...
  3. Craigm085

    Is it chop day?

    Today is either plain water again or harvest day. judging by leaf and tric colour, they’re ready. But I feel like the buds could be riper and larger in volume denser too. The one on the left is acceptable so debating pulling it today as I have a separate lung tent for drying. This is my first...
  4. G

    Soil Recipe Help Please!

    I’m currently using 70% Vermont compost fort vee to 30% nectar of the gods #8. I have the dragonfly earth medicine radiant green super brew blend I plant to feed my plants throughout. I plan to use rove beetles and let them establish themselves in my soil prior to use, lady bugs during along...
  5. S

    Gg #1 , plus a bag seed. RIU_member_grow

    Well been a while but i am back (LIke people were waiting lol)Had to start a new account. starting GG1 from clone that had just gotten it’s good roots (Nice and fuzzy lol). The bag seed is well starting from a seed. Germinating in warte , that’s it. So I’m at about a week, the gg1 has good new...
  6. H

    Help!!! Can’t identify deficiency!

    Hi, I’m having a problem with several plant in my garden, they have started to show some kind of deficiency on the fan leaves. It is only on 3 plants which are all the same genetics. Everything else looks healthy. I’m feeding with the complete biobizz range and ammended soil. I have added bat...
  7. AngerbizcuTT

    Leaf deformarion and brown spots forming on 1 plant Im stumped, please help

    I have 4 photo plants that are 3 n a half months old. They where severly stunted from diffrent grows. They where in very bad shape fr... but my curiosity had me trying to save them and With the help of very cool n knowledable rollitup members we fully recuperated them,we were even getting about...
  8. S

    FPJ help.

    So I’ve been slowing adding some KNF elements to my grow lately. Added a banana FFJ last grow and this round I’m gonna experiment with FPJs. This brings me to my question. The most prolific plant in the woods near my home is Snake Root, a weed in the sunflower family. I’m still wrapping my...
  9. Flowtrail55

    October 2021 grow

    Finally I've made progress after tons of fails. This new grow will be in my 2x2 tent Running my HLG 225. Will be ordering an exhaust fan. SoHum cannabis craves soil Dynomyko Microbes 3 or 5 gallon fabric Got some seeds from @Satch12 Thanks a million man!!! Will likely run the Spearmint...
  10. M

    Need advises on my full organic routine/schedule

    Hello gents, im a novice grower, started a few weeks ago and im in love with the direct organic grow method! Im loving making my soil richer and richer, it is like caring for someone. And i noticed that you guys have big experience on this matter, then here i go As i told, i'm still building my...
  11. Friendly_Grower

    New Beginnings: Tricking out a rough Grow-Room.

    About almost two decades ago I built a sixteen square foot organic soil planter bed grow-box in the back end of a twenty foot travel trailer. It was a wonderful time. As it turned out being in such small quarters and running a 1000 watt HPS required that the incoming air be cold. when I moved...
  12. Friendly_Grower

    Medical in Illinois

    I recently moved to Illinois from California. In California I didn't have any way to grow my own. This place I bought actually had a crude grow-room already. I am wanting to trick it out. I do have disability so it was easy to get Medical and with Medical I can grow five plants. Likes: Way up...
  13. WubbaLubbaDubDub

    Wubba’s geekbeast journal

    Hey everyone @GeekBeast has sent me a new light to do a journal with. It’s a monster board pro 2400. The light will be arriving today so I figured I’ll start my seeds for this run. Hopefully they all start I’m excited about them all. HSO - Chemdawg Freedom of seeds- GodBerry Garden of green-...
  14. P

    Miracle-Gro Performance Organics All Purpose Plant Nutrition

    Has anyone tried using this? Trying to find a good water soluble organic fertilizer for making teas.
  15. odbsmydog

    The breeding grounds or Odbsmydog's Organic Outdoor 2021

    The first follow-up to my smash outdoor gardening forum hit ( ) after a 12 year hiatus... Was out of commission and not growing the last ten+ years as my mother lost the house I used to grow...
  16. RedRock

    Purple Dogbud, LED, Organic, Small Tent Grow (Comments Encouraged)

    Getting back into growing after a few years hiatus. First legal grow. Please comment on my grow and give any advice you have. Here's the basics: Strain: CSI's Purple Dogbud Space: 36"x20" Tent Light: 320 Watt LED rig with 8x 3000k COBs All organic I popped all 7 seeds in the pack, but culled a...
  17. SunWorshipper

    Re-vegged clones now flowering

    Hi all. So I shouldn’t have gone with clones that were indoor. Realize this now. But here’s the down low: I grow organically outdoors in raised beds. My girls that were flowering months ago, went into re-veg cycle with the light cycle change and had the crazy single-bladed leaves. So I treated...


    Hi there! I recently upgraded to LEDs and in the mean time parted with the experienced grower I had partnered with... (boot straps up, organics incoming!) So last run (I didn't finish it) I noticed that the plants began to curl and stems became purple and very hard during the veg state...
  19. Yadam

    Organic Earth Juice Nutrients - Plant Problems

    Hi There, I tried posting this in the plant problems forum, but it was recommended that I try here because i'm using Earth Juice organic nutrients. I keep having issues in flower. Every day my plants are looking worse and worse. I’m using Earth Juice Big 5 nutrients in a 2x4 tent. I have a...
  20. C

    What nutrient deficency is this?

    Hi first time doing an organic grow and this seedling is getting sick. Can anyone help ID this issue? Grow info: Soil:,Fox Farm Light Warrior 60%, perlite 20%, EarthWorm Castings 20% light: Mars Hydro tsw2000 lowest setting 24” above canopy. One small fan for ventilation Temp: 82F RH: 75% water...