1. C

    Stripes in Leaves - What deficiency is this?

    Hey guys, On my second grow, and my girls are showing signs of a deficiency. Not sure what it is, but after some reading looks like it could be magnesium? Both plants are Zkittles Autoflower, growing in 20l fabric pots, using Ecothrive Organic living soil (apparently doesn’t requiring...
  2. 707Patrick

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal: TS 3000, Gorilla Glue Auto, 4x4 Tent, 2 Medium, 2 Pot Sizes

    This will be my second grow and my first time growing Autos. It will be a bit of an experiment. Here is my plan: Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Cannabis Two different mediums - soil & coco Two different size pots - 3-gallon & 5-gallon Growing 100% organically So my 4 plants will be as follows...
  3. Green_Alchemist

    Magnesium deficiency, best solution?

    It’s coming along quite nicely, though this magnesium deficiency is a bit of a head scratcher for me, hoping someone might be able to offer some opinions or tips to correct it. Info on the grow: the 4 plants are - Bloody Skunk Auto - Northern Lights Auto - Amnesia Haze Auto - Crystal Widow...
  4. H

    DIY Calcium Acetate - the fast(er) way!

    Hello friends! I've been a long time observer and grower, but never contributed to the community, because I thought that I don't have anything to share. Every time I have a question regarding my grow- I come here to read and to learn from those with more knowledge and experience. Now I'm in my...
  5. S

    Organic Dry Amendments (Europe)

    Hi, I’m looking for organic dry amendments as the title says but I can’t find them online. Gaia Green has incredible shipping fees on eBay. Someone also suggested megacrop and maxibloom are they good? Just wondering if anyone could help me out
  6. Phabio007

    Organic Growing with Dr Earth. To PH or Not?

    Hey guys. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on this. I'm going to be running 3 photoperiods with dr earth pot of gold soil mixed with coco and perlite for aeration, amended with their dry amendments. Specifically the Homegrown Organic green bag and the Flower Girl Pink bag. The title says it all...
  7. G

    Day 32 of flower 9 strains 20 plant sog grow

    Day 32 flower 53 days total from clone. Currently got 9 different strains going not sure what they are but got given them and wondering how my grows going. Plants look super healthy imo but wondering if they are on track to finish by week 8-9. All soil organics grow using slow release and...
  8. Gtjoker420

    Are these bugs bad?

    Hey guys, so I'm growing in roots 707 soil topdressing down to earth nutrients and doing compost teas every week. I noticed I was overwatering and killed a plant due to I believe root rot, soil was extremely wet when I chopped her down and the roots were getting brown instead of white. So this...
  9. A

    So, I went shopping for tea ingredients

    This is my first indoor grow. Week 5 flower. Ocean forest soil, Dr Earth dry amendments. I Found a local Organics store and stocked up on some dry amendments with intentions on brewing up my first compost tea. I want to get my microbiology happy. Here's what I've got: Cow manure and composted...
  10. SwankDank

    Seed sprouted tea question

    I've been researching seed sprouted teas and next year im gonna be using corn, alfafa, Barley, and mung beans for my teas. just wondering if i use all seed throughout the life cycle or some on in veg some only in flower
  11. B

    Blue Planet Nutrients

    I want to share an email I got from Robert at BPN regarding the composition and characteristics of the Farmer's Pride line of nutrients. The Farmer's Pride base nutrients have a mild odor, but nothing that would burn your nose off or change the taste of the end product. They do not smell like...
  12. OGcloud808


    Just finished doing some HST this morning. Really my goal here is to keep the canopy nice and even as well as I can. So far it seems to be working pretty well. All have been topped, some more than once. I am bending the the stems without breaking until they feel soft and rubbery where I need...
  13. SpawnOfVader

    Sherbet (Seedstockers comparative grow) and Kosher Kush (Garden of Green) - HLG 600 RSPEC Mainline

    Like it says, I just got my the new HLG 600 RSPEC for like $721 during their harvest sale. Previously had grown primarily indoors under a Mars Hydro TS2000 (some outdoor growing too but not recently). I let all plants go 4 weeks veg under my 4000K HLG 65 to around the 8th node before topping...
  14. M

    Added another 315 cmh for flower. 1575 watts cmh for 4x8 area

    Hopefully I can get a little better yield... first time grow indoor, running hempys and organic side by side... excited about final result
  15. P

    DIY amendment, Cannabis Meal?

    Cannabis meal, sort of like alfalfa meal but ground up cannabis leaves from pruning? Alfalfa meal is 2.5-0.5-2.5 Oak leaves are maybe half that I read. Anyone know what cannabis leaves are or do this?
  16. KlompenOG

    Wooden shoes gone wild

    Here's my journal for my latest grow project. I have built a 2x2 and put a QB96 V2 in there with plans to add some side light strips. Since I don't want a separate discussion page; please feel free to discuss here. I'm a medical user living in a regressive state, so we're working toward getting...
  17. Lagged

    2nd Budget Micro Grow (2ft)

    A little late on posting, but here is our 2nd budge micro grow! Indoor Organic Soil Random seeds Several Training Methods 20/4 Veg Enjoy! Feel free to leave feedback.
  18. C

    In need of some help with these ladies

    In need of some help with figuring out what’s happening to my plants! They are all the same age about 64+ days old northern lights x big bud auto.
  19. maranibbana

    Mara's Organic KNF Indoor Garden

    :sleep::sleep::sleep::o Imma keep this one pretty straight to the point, will give a little over view of the set up, the process, and the results <3 Will be asking questions and answering them Love you all and hope everyone is staying safe and living fully. 100% Organic 100% LED 70% KNF...
  20. TJ_BASS

    Organic Cal Mag

    Looking for organic supplements for organic calcium and magnesium. Need something that is readily available for the plant to use. Or takes a couple waterings to break down. Please recommend!