1. PhillupJane

    20 gal of Gold

    Hi, I'm high! Decided to do a grow journal. I currently have a gorilla glue bagseed in flowering, but I've been taking pictures the whole time, so I'll be starting with a lot of photos to fill in the gap! Better late then never A little bit about myself. I've been growing on and off for a...
  2. Yesyes3000

    Please help ! Dark purple on outdoor plants

    Hello everyone !! Hope everyone is have a a good grow outdoors the season. I’m looking for help identifying what this purple is on my outdoor plants. I will attach pictures. They are about 11 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide and in the ground in western Massachusetts They have been fed with foxfarms...
  3. S

    Kola (our puppy) with some Kolas

    Just a shot of my new puppy (mini aussie) with this years outdoor buds in the back. Strains are White Widow, Harley-Tsu, Purple Punch, Blueberry and Strawberry Sorbet. Nothing like canines and cannabis!
  4. B

    Outdoor Grow (with Coast of Maine Stonington Blend & Fox Farm Nutes)

    Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to growing. Well I've had 3-4 grows but still a newbie. Anyway this yr I have an outdoor soil grow in 10 gallon fabric pots using Coast of Maine Stonington Blend..Its meant to be a grow all season soil with no needed nutrients..Well I should have read more...
  5. AuntMei

    Flower time!

    Hey everyone just wondering how long you all think this autoflower critical mass as left in flowering. It’s roughly 6 weeks old. I don’t have any microscopic pics for trichomes :( and it’s beginning to get cold here in VA with the night time temps dropping. I do cover them.
  6. TravisG13

    Is this stem rot? Are these branches done for?

    I noticed today one of my branches was dying, thought it was bud rot at first but I didn't see the fuzziness I usually associate with that so I clipped that off Then I noticed some of my other branches have kinda the same brown look to them at the bases Are these branches done for? The tops...
  7. W

    What is this mold/fungus? Is it treatable?

    Hi all, I noticed on one of my outdoor plants I got some brown mold or fungus looking stuff as well as some yellow/white clumpy stuff? What is this and is it treatable and preventable in the future.As you can tell the plant is in flower so I’mnot sure what to treat this with. some of the...
  8. I

    Leaves Curling down, but not due to N toxicity

    Hello! I have an outdoor 50-gallon purple punch clone in mid-flower right now. Over the last few days, the fan leaves have started to curl down in the manner that fan leave typically curl due to too much n. The leaves are not dark and shiny, in the way that n toxic plants tend to be. This cut...
  9. GanjaBeauty

    Help, lol.

    Any suggestions for maximizing growth and yield? Also, can I clone and top at this stage?
  10. odbsmydog

    The breeding grounds or Odbsmydog's Organic Outdoor 2021

    The first follow-up to my smash outdoor gardening forum hit ( https://www.rollitup.org/t/white-picket-fence-garden-or-odbsmydogs-organic-outdoor-2010.343539/page-12 ) after a 12 year hiatus... Was out of commission and not growing the last ten+ years as my mother lost the house I used to grow...
  11. TommyTotem

    Why does FF feeding schedule say to use Flowers Kiss

    Why does it say to use flowers kiss after 3rd week all the way thru, but on bottle says stop after u see buds developing? Im getting mixed messages.
  12. snowdog203

    Auto-flower seems to be on a longer than advertised life cycle.

    I have an Auto-flower Super Hash that germinated May 1st now it's August 20th, that's 16 weeks, the plant is all green, no dead leaves, nice buds. Calyxes swollen pistils rusty colored. Trichomes are 90% clear some ambers 5% and cloudy 5%. Seems like the plant should be starting to die off and...
  13. S

    Moving autos inside

    So I’ve got 6 autos in 3 gal fabric pots. Lost track of when they be ready. with the weather we’re having I’m thinking I might throw them inside my garage with a fan with a 1000 way hps. They are all milky cloudy trics. How high should I set the lights iv never grown with hps and what power for...
  14. AuntMei

    Yellowing leaves, Outdoor Growing

    Hey everyone, just wondering if this is normal for true leaves and the cotyledons? It’s now 3 weeks old and it’s the auto flower critical mass strain, last week I had an issue with thrips and the little hole on the leaf is from me after removing a jiffy pot it was in. I’m in Virginia, we...
  15. Broz710

    New to growing, are these pollen sacks?

    Hey everyone, I’m just starting out growing. I’m worried about the pod looking things under the bud sites. I looked online and most pollen sacks structure looks a little different than what I’m talking about, but I wanted to confirm with you guys. Did my plant hermie or is this normal for a...
  16. AuntMei

    Sun spots? Nut. Burn? Critical Mass Outdoor

    Hello everyone, just wondering if this is fungi or nut. Deficiency? It’s a 2 week old critical mass cannabis plant Things I have tried, PH soil test it was high at first but now it’s testing normal. Adding growtime fertilizer with nitrogen.
  17. SunWorshipper

    Re-vegged clones now flowering

    Hi all. So I shouldn’t have gone with clones that were indoor. Realize this now. But here’s the down low: I grow organically outdoors in raised beds. My girls that were flowering months ago, went into re-veg cycle with the light cycle change and had the crazy single-bladed leaves. So I treated...
  18. Buds420grow

    Pre flower

    Would you guys say these are in preflower? Super skunk photo.
  19. B

    Outdoor LST help

    I am currently doing fem photoperiod strain outdoors, it was topped at the 5th node once there were 7 nodes and I started LST last week with tying down the main stem, it was about 18” tall at that time. I want to confirm I am doing it correctly, I know it hasn’t been long however my concern is...
  20. W

    Is this plant ready for Harvest??

    What do you guys think? Some of the trichomes on the branches are really amber and some are not. I haven’t flushed this Plant yet. Is it time to flush and how long should I wait until harvest. I actually just fed her today. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. I can always flush her sometime...