1. Stank42O

    First timer chocolope grow

    Hey guys, pumped to start. Tent just came in and was able to get the system up to the right temperature and humidity and decided to just run it lol. Put seed in soil gave it some water , set lights to 18 and 6 and put a bag on it for extra humidity. I know I should have germinated but I have 4...
  2. Jjgrow420

    Spiderfarmer sf 1000

    So I've tried a few diff qb style boards and I'm trying out the Spiderfarmer sf1000 over an auto to see how it does. I'll also be using my quantum par meter to get some readings and see how the light does! Thanks to @Spiderfarmerled for a great deal on the light So far I'm happy with the light...
  3. berulakide

    Spiderfarmer sf1000 complete grow kit

    I picked up a complete grow kit from spiderfarmer on their ebay. Newest addition to my multiple tents (4) . It's a smaller one to do a couple plants or use for little ones or drying as well. I put up a court videos and will do some more as well for a bit. It's a pretty good little kit for the...
  4. Millo

    White Widow Auto + Royal Dwarf Auto

    Hi all. Upon purchasing the Spiderfarmer 2.3x2.3" grow tent kit and some beans I decided to keep logs of those products in form of grow journals. This could also be seen as a review of said products, although I'm a newbie grower so I'm sure my experiences will differ from yours, guys, and I'm...
  5. M

    4 SF1000 in a 2x2x5 Tent.

    I'm making my first attempt at a perperual harvest and I've currently got 8 plants that are about a foot tall each, inside my flower tent, and 10 plants in veg growing to height. Once the flower tent is full it should be feeding light to 16 plants every day at between 12 and 16 inches distance...
  6. B

    2x spiderfarmer SF1000 in a 2x2ft - hanging height

    If i would use 2x spiderfarmer SF1000 in my 2x2ft box, would the hanging height still be 12-18" for flowering? I wanna up my total watts in there for flowering to maximize yield pr. harvest, not yield/watt ofc. So i am actually planning to do 2x spiderfarmer SF1000 dimmed to 75% (about 150watts...
  7. Spiderfarmerled

    Seed to harvest-jacks321

    Strain: jacks321 Grow tent: 2.5"x2.5" Led Light: Spider farmer SF 1000 Product link: SF 1000 Led Coupon Code: SFRIU 2.13-Seed February17-Seed February 22-26 March 16-18 March 27-30
  8. Spiderfarmerled

    [Grow Journal] Spider Farmer SF1000 From Seed to Harvest

    Strain : 2 x Zkittlez Fem. LED Light:Spider Farmer SF1000 Tent: 60x60 cm tent
  9. V

    Auto chemdawg getting close??

    Here's my fast buds auto original chemdawg sprouted on 10th June so roughly just over 12 weeks grown in coco under spider farmer sf1000 plants pretty dense thinking maybe should defoliate abit let me know what you think guys...
  10. D


    Got two bags seeds one is around 4 months old , the smaller one a week behind . I'm using a sf100 for both I shouldn't have sold my hlg . The bag was labeled uncle og but who really knows with bad seed , they both smell fruity . I topped one of them and fimmed the other one
  11. B

    PC fan grow box

    Hey Guys. I am planning to build a Grow Box 2x2x6 (60x60x180). I need this grow to be secret tho, and need to hear your opinion, on if this is even possible. I was looking at the Spiderfarmer SF1000, since they produce less heat/watt and use no noisy fans. I am considering to buy 3 pc fans...