1. ChunkyBulbasaur

    Tropicanna Poison F1 fast version from Sweet Seeds

    Hello! This is my first time logging a grow. I’ve been dabbling on and off for several years, but this time I’m simplifying things, applying new knowledge such as VPD, and better equipment, Including: •3x3x6(I think?) AC infinity tent •Spider Farmer Dimmable LED (I forget the exact wattage, but...
  2. Spiderfarmerled

    Spider Farmer April Giveaway Is Coming Soon

    Spider Farmer April Giveaway Is Coming Soon What kind of giveaway do you like best? Like the post and tag friends→Random pickup? Photo or video contest→Best picture? Or any other forms? Express freely your opinion, your wish might be fulfilled soon. Cheers up
  3. Spiderfarmerled

    Affordable Led Grow Lights?

    As a grower, have you ever struggled to find the perfect grow light? With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin. However, fear not, because Spider Farmer's G Series is here to provide you with an affordable and high-quality solution. The G...
  4. Spiderfarmerled

    Spider Farmer Halloween Sale for SE Series--Up to 20% off

    HALLOWEEN SALE IS COMING Black Friday Price Match, SE Series Save Up To 22%, Wonderful coming, special offer coming! www.spider-farmer.com w r F
  5. TCH

    Happy Bird Seeds - Magic Melon Autoflower

    Happy Bird Seeds - Magic Melon Auto @VIVOSUN Official 2x2 tent Vivosun VS1000 led Fox Farm Happy Frog and Ocean Forest soil ***ALL COMMENTS, ADVICE, AND TIPS ARE WELCOME*** Started her in FFHF in a cup and she sprouted and took off right out of the gate. She got really leggy, quick. I...
  6. E

    Spider Farmer SE5000 vs SE7000 for 4x4

    I am looking for a new flower room light for a 4x4 tent no co2 and have been looking at either the Spider Farmer SE5000 or the SE7000. Wanted to know what you guys thought would be the better route
  7. Spiderfarmerled

    2022 New Giveaway Coming!!! 2 Winners!!!--Spider Farmer

    Happy New Year :weed: :weed: :weed: Spider Farmer First Giveaway in 2022 Coming!!! Thanks for all your support in 2021, wish all a Happy & Healthy New Year:D Rules to enter: 1, Follow @Spiderfarmerled 2, Like and Comment this thread (Leave your country) 3, Add hashtag #Spiderfarmerled Spider...
  8. Spiderfarmerled

    Spider Farmer LED--New Released Products Coming Soon

    Dear all, 2021 is coming to an end,thanks for all your support with Spider Farmer LED. For the new 2022, we are going to launch a new products. Are you expected that? Guess what's the new product? Tell us your idea :bigjoint: By the way, Spider Farmer Christmas Giveaway will coming soon...
  9. K

    Help diagnosing issues

    I am having issues with my plants and I am wondering if anyone can help me diagnose and correct the issue
  10. Spiderfarmerled

    ❗❗PROMOTION--SF4000 LED, save up to 35USD.

    :!: :!: :!: Good News, now buy SF4000 can get 6% off. Save up to 35USD. One week Flash Sale⚡⚡⚡, do not miss!!! SF4000 LED: https://www.spider-farmer.com/SF4000 LED Grow Light Meanwhile, our SF1000 and SF2000 also on sale. Have need, catch the chance. SF1000: https://www.spider-farmer.com/SF1000...
  11. Spiderfarmerled

    Spider Farmer 420 Giveaway, Let‘s Get It !!!!

    :clap: :clap: Spider Farmer 420 Giveaway is Coming!!!:clap::clap: The Giveaway is open to growers from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Russia and some Europe countries. Prize: :leaf:1, 70x140x200cm (4.5'x2'x6.5') Gorw Tent :leaf:2, SF1000 LED Grow Light Rules to...
  12. Spiderfarmerled

    Giveaway-Merry Christmas & Healthy New Year

    :leaf: Last Giveaway in 2020-Spider Farmer:leaf: Dear all, thanks for all your support in special 2020. Wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The contest is open to growers from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Russia and some Europe countries...
  13. Millo

    White Widow Auto + Royal Dwarf Auto

    Hi all. Upon purchasing the Spiderfarmer 2.3x2.3" grow tent kit and some beans I decided to keep logs of those products in form of grow journals. This could also be seen as a review of said products, although I'm a newbie grower so I'm sure my experiences will differ from yours, guys, and I'm...
  14. Spiderfarmerled

    It's your turn, decided the prize of Black Friday Giveaway-SpiderFarmer

    It's your turn!!!!!! :leaf: Tell us what you want for Black Friday Giveaway:leaf: Pick 1 Comment randomly, as the prize of Black Friday Giveaway Be Sure To: 1. Follow @Spiderfarmerled 2. Leave your comment tell us what you want for the Black Friday Giveaway
  15. ҖҗlegilizeitҗҖ

    4x4 RDWC Granddaddy Purple LED Grow

    Hey everyone! Excited to kick this grow off. I'm running Spiderfarm SF4000 5.3g square grow buckets 12 gallon rez 25 gallon storage barrel (total of about a 24 gallon system) 1.5" PVC with bulkheads 865 GPH Quiet-One water pump Eco Air5 1300 GPH airpump Complete Cultured solutions line RO water...
  16. B

    2x spiderfarmer SF1000 in a 2x2ft - hanging height

    If i would use 2x spiderfarmer SF1000 in my 2x2ft box, would the hanging height still be 12-18" for flowering? I wanna up my total watts in there for flowering to maximize yield pr. harvest, not yield/watt ofc. So i am actually planning to do 2x spiderfarmer SF1000 dimmed to 75% (about 150watts...
  17. G

    Great Lakes Water only soil Deficiency? Help Please

    Ok so my Skywalker Og × Triangle Kush is just over 2 months. My new growth from topping sites are yellowing out. I don't believe it to be any kind of nitrogen issue, but I could be wrong. The new grow from existing branches doesn't seem to be having any issues from what I can see. What are signs...
  18. Spiderfarmerled

    Canuck Cookies Autoflower Grow

    Before harvest, Week 11 under #SpiderFarmer #SF4000