1. B

    Happy frog run off PH very low, never fed plants

    Title says it all.. planted seeds into happy frog.. plants look OK 2 are fine 3 are ok showing different issues. But I have NEVER fed anything to these plants... just water... I always phd it at 6.5 and before I even planted the seeds I watered the soil heavy to try and lose some nutes.. what...
  2. DarthVaper84

    RDWC success - without a chiller

    Hey all. I’m curious to know about those of you that have built/ran RDWC setups and did not have a water chiller, yet were still able to have successful grows. Also, what arrangements did you make to keep your reservoir water temperatures cool in lieu of having a chiller? The idea of throwing...
  3. Armyofsprout

    Temps hitting 90F. Problem?

    My 600W LEDs are hitting around 90F and im trying to keep my AC costs down because its been through the roof lately. Will those temps cause mad issues?
  4. F

    Bringing humidity up and temps down

    What’s the best way to achieve this?? Would a cool mist humidifier work for this?? On my first indoor grow, in veg, humidity is usually between 45-55 and temps between 75-85f
  5. Itshotandimgrowing

    Direct Sunlight vs. Temperature

    Hey, I live in a very hot part of the world. Direct sunlight comes at a cost of 38°C (2PM - 5PM) After 10AM temps cross 30°C and don't drop to below that till 9PM. I've been giving the plants direct sunlight till about 1PM (35°C) and misting them. Then moving them inside with air conditioning...
  6. ChiefRunningPhist

    HPS RH vs LED RH

    I'm looking for data in 2 different grow styles. HPS growers: If you grow w HPS, do you have to add RH, or do you have to exaust RH? What is your RH and tent temp? If you can, give canopy LST and ambient temp. Just add like so... Light type: Growth week: Veg or Flower: RH: T: LST: LED...
  7. D

    Uh...it was just 90 degrees in there...

    So upon waking n checking the temps, the room was up to 90 degrees. Adding a window ac is preffered but out oc the question. simply dont have the space for it.what are some affordable and *efficient* solutions to drop temps ~ 10/13 degrees? Seems alot of people run mini dual hose acs, but those...
  8. D

    YOUR flower room temps..

    Title says it all. Post up your flower room temps! I find it hard to believe that plants cannot handle 90+ degree temps...i mean they grow pretty well outside in 90+ degree temps - what's the difference between outdoor and indoor?
  9. Chiefbongwater

    Consistent humidity

    starting my third grow and early on im running into external problems of sorts! My plants are in week 1 of total life, so first week as seedling, doing fine, plants broke tge surface and started developing small leaves and got small glasses on top as a greenhouse. The problem im having is i...
  10. RippedCittee

    Upsizing my grow but worried about temps

    Okay so I am currently growing in a 2*4 tent and will soon be upgrading to a 4x4 or 5x5 tent. The tent I currently have is inside the house so the temps are pretty easy to control ( when it's hot the AC kicks on lol) but the big tent must go into the garage (unheated and uninsulated) now I have...
  11. Buckwheat007

    Coco coir grow tent setup questions??

    Got a couple of questions regarding my set up ive done some research but there are too many different opinions without the experience so ive come to ask you guys. Ok here are my questions. If the temp in the tent is 30 celcius with the door closed and extration fan on is that too hot or should...
  12. esh dov ets

    600w at 90f or 400w at 80?

    switchable max temps at 600w are 86-90 noticing some extra fox tails. was around optimal temp on 400w. this is in 3x3 bloom tent w\ hps.
  13. 1weedz4

    6K Flower Room Suggestions (pics)

    Hello, I'm looking for and additional advice regarding bringing the humidity up in my 6000w room and the correct way to add nutrients before feeding out of 5 gallon water jugs. Here's the story: This is a Ca non-profit grow for our patients. I have been growing for years but the largest...
  14. Oregonhwy101

    Proper curing

    Temps and hummidity going to be making a curing box just curios as to what temp and humidity would be ideal ?
  15. Tom71nex

    Growing on the equator

    growing in Bogota Colombia, high altitude, temps 46 night 70 day. to cold at night? heat blanket maybe for the night? Outdoor patio grow in big pots. I'm very new to the forum thing so sorry in advance if I did this wrong. I have grown in the past several times, living in PA it was always...
  16. blue pyro

    need some Help cooling my 1200w closet

    Ok so this summer is going to suck. Like sweltering buy new acs and pray you don't have a heat stroke at work type of suck. I could go on but I digress. The particulars: temps 88 to 90 outside temp 96 to 99 6.5x3.75x7.5 1200w hps 1 magnetic 1 dimmable. 10" fan filter reduced to 6". Another 6"...
  17. A

    First Grow, Large Grow. In need of consultant.

    I am a licensed medical grower for a legal medical state in the northeast. My Goal: To grow as much tree as possible by the end of the year. Efficiency is of equal priority (space, electricity, and time), as well as some variety of medicine. I plan on harvesting every 2 months after initial 2...
  18. TyDeF

    Seedlings First Leaves Browned with Bumps

    Hey guys, This is my first grow so I have a question about several of the new sprouts. I know that it can be normal for the first two embro leaves to yellow and fall off, but is it normal for the second two leaves to do so first? Could I have the t5 bulbs too close? I have kept a...
  19. T.C. Bosby

    Hygrometer/Thermometer Placement In Tent

    Alright, although I've been dealing with heat issues, I think I may have been measuring my temp. wrong which has been throwing me off. Yes, I'm a newb. I currently have the thermometer at soil level directly underneath my CMH light. My plants are still babies, so they're only around 8 inches...
  20. T.C. Bosby

    Issues with High Temps in Grow Tent

    Alright, just started my first grow, and I'm already in trouble. My current setup is a 3' x 3' x 6'11" tent. I have a 6 inch intake fan and a 6 inch exhaust fan. My light/reflector is the Phantom CMH 315W. The reflector is uncovered (no glass lid), so it is running a bare bulb. I've had the...