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  • do not buy the 7 dawarfs they are so un stable and they are real bad with nut problems also i have all 7 and none are flowering to well at all so there not true autos at least for me there not working so good plus the germ rate are like 3 out of 5
    Another good thing to do at harvest time is (when you are ready to harvest) cut all the top colas off and let the rest of the plant go an extra 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks so the lower nugs will fatten up.
    if you are going to top usually most strains take between 4-7 days to recover some can take longer or some can take less, So to answer your question yes it is all strain dependent but most strains are 4-7 days once again. Super cropping also knowing as the pinch and bend technique (works awesome!!) and usually stresses a plant 1 to 2 days at most. if you have a time limit to veg the supercropping technique will work great for you and should increase your yield up to 15% I usually do both but I have abit more time to veg my suggestion is to just supercropp for now if time is critical for you. If you want to give them the extra week of veg all the power to you try both if you can. As for topping more then once I only top my plants once for the fact that I like to stress my plants little as possible.
    Thanks for the complement man. I just put up some recent pictures 1 week into flowering check them out as well the back plants are the Nirvana white widows and the front plant is the bagseed I am not sure what strain it is but I am asumming its very stable because it has turned out very well for me. The grow journal you viewed on my page was the 5 weeks veg stage. The journal I just posted is of my plants 1 week into flowering. I only have 3 now though and they were topped and supercropped the other plant I had turned out to be a male so i chpped it right away. Check the update out though and look at my page every friday cuz I will have an update each week. I added you as a friend :) if ya need some help on growing just shout at me and I will help ya.
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