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  • 6 1/2 ozs thats a very respectable harvest:clap:, my soil had a sshitload of fungus gnats in it that i just noticed last night so i figured the roots were already damaged so i chopped em ill get back to you on the weight:-o
    My lights are T5 4' 8 bulb in veg, veg for 2.5 months and feed every time I water. 3 gallon is enough space for them.
    In flower I feed on average every other day if not everyday once the flowers come on. 600 hps. I got about 3 oz off first one and that was with easy nutes, this time heavy nutes.
    They need to veg hard and they put out on the tops and the bottoms are not that much bud, so trim her up before going 12/12 maybe fim or do something to get many tops.
    They like the Nutes heavy in flower, probaly veg as well. I went as far as 1 1/2 TBL of Fox Farm Tiger Bloom and never a burnt tip.
    I was wondering about your lights and nutes/schedule mostly im starting a fem'd mix seed grow i have a 400wmh/hps to work with i've had a few grows before and have fucked up with nutes any feedback would be great, thanks!
    What up? Northern Lights? Yeah I am growing another to see if I can do better. The smoke is good and this time around I am giving heavy nutes and she sucks it up NP.
    So what's on your mind?
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