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  • yea i used to do the paper towel stuff. I just bought a germination station and so i just get some jiffy pellets going and drop em in and let the germ station do the rest of the work. thanks for the info tho i may do that i mainly have the germ station for clones but we'll see..:peace:
    Hey man how are you going to germinate your seeds? Do you want to know what I do. I put my seeds on a small plate, set out paper towel on the plate moisten it, set the seeds on the paper towel then moisten another paper towel and put it over the seedlings then take another plate and put it over top and use it as a humidity dom so the paper towels dont dry out as quick. Then i open up my oven turn on the oven light, (not the oven LOL!!) I put my seedling in there and within 16-24 hours you will see a little tap root. Take the seedlings from the paper towel place then in starter cups with soil plant the seedlings about an inch down in your soil with the little root pointing down and lightly cover it with soil and mist the top of the soil so its fairly wet. Do this and you will have a 100% germination (DONT OVER WATER THE SEEDLINGS) make sure the soil is almost completly dry before you water again. Like I said do this and you will have great success.
    Good job dude you will love the promix stuff I love it and all my buddies love it. Hey man check out the updates of the plants I just posted a pic and my feeding scedule and oviously you already know I am using promix cuz I recomended it to you.
    Need some help with the lsd throughout the grow let me know. Keep an eye on my new grow though I have 3 white widows and 1 unknown strain I will be putting into flowering on sunday. One thing I would like to say to you is put your lsd into flowering at 12inches cuz by the time the plant is finished it will be 3 feet which is perfect for your lighting.
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