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  • Hey man! Fellow New Mexico resident here. I am looking for nice outdoor strains for our climate here (I live in ABQ).

    Do you have any suggestions for me? I like Indica leaning strains.

    Thanks a lot, hope you are staying safe and healthy.

    Hey brother from another mother, how's it going? Been missing my friends over here and thought I would swing by and see how things were with everyone. I'll keep it short for now and go plow through some pages.

    Talk to you soon man, hope all is well
    Seriously dude, Big Buddha's Cheese is where it's at as far as what we can get "over here." I was talking to someone on here that was offering to send me a cut of the Exo, but I'm lacking the balls at the moment. I kept my cut at the last minute, I love it so much. Later skater.
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