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  • man your 12/12 journal is epic. i just started my first grow and am now convinced if done properly 12/12 from seed (after 3 wks of 18/6) its the way to go for my small space. I need my meds lol....keep up the AMAZING work boss.
    can you give me some details for my next grow 12/12? I,m looking for sativa strain from Female seeds. cant decide between c99,ice grapefuit,grapefruit. I want biggest yield,fastest grow and low odour. one plant under 150mh I hope 11,12 weeks at least 13 weeks to harvest. this c99.....maybe is the winner? show me some pics if you grow her. thanks.
    Hey Del...your work and information regarding 12/12 from seed was very inspiring and I just wanted to say thanks. I will be creating my own journal once I become a member to give this a try with some of my own spins.
    hello mate hows you? seen youv been doing 12/12 girls hows it goin and what was your best yielding as i want to do a 12/12 just to get me going again! cheers bro
    Del you are a fuccn genius! I have been researching how to quickly create a stable line of my own. I used to sog clones but never thought it was possible to go from seed. I am about to undertake my first STS seed run. Budda seeds Purple kush auto f to m then pollinate a sister for some seed stock. Then on to the Breeding of my own creations. I will be ordering about 12 photo top shelf strains to keep in a heath robinson style flooded vert. Is this still your growing method? Do you still feel that non mature plants are just as potent as mature plants? have you tried to let your strain mature and tried to find differences. Well brother on to study pundett squares.
    Hey, wanted to say thank you! On pg. 76 of the 12/12 thread. Great reading. About a year ago I started a 12/12 experiment. Hoping for a constant grow.... But the landlord was visiting, and had no choice but to tear down. I have 10 that went from 8 week veg. Into 12/12 2weeks ago. And after reading into your thread, popped 6 a week ago, going to just cycle everything into 12/12 from hear on out. Pics will be posted when I get to pg. 1076. Kinda wondering if the post took on a life of it's own, or are you still the main man! Guess I will have to wait and see.....
    Hey del new here read all your info and you sold me on the 12/12 I have been using a closet with hydro system rock medium and use techniflora nutrients and chart have been doing ok but love the 12/12 idea so my question is how would I do my nutrients on the 12/12 program with out shocking my plants you are a pro at this so hoping you could help brother 2tall
    Hey del! I just recently browsed your 12/12 from seed thread thoroughly doing some research. I have 3 babies tnat have been growing for 35 days on 12/12 schedule as well.. I currently see no signs of flowers... do I have to wait for them to begin flowering or could I induce it by 24-36 hours of darkness?
    Hello mate, I was just reading through your journals, and I am interested in the Bubble Bomb that you grew.. Where did you get the seeds from if you dont mind me asking.. It looks pretty awesome :)
    Hi Del,
    I was reading through posts and read you were growing the Pineapple Kush from and was wondering how it was. I just planted the same seeds myself and couldn't find if you did a thread about it thanks.
    Im doing 12 from seed and am trying to get a single cola plant. My lower branches are really starting to stretch upwards and I know this will result otherwise. Do you advise trimming lower branches to achieve the single cola.

    1 gallon pots, canna coco, canna coco nutrient line, 400 watt mh/hps dual spec bulb
    seen your post about soil, luv it , been trying to find out what to use and now i know,peace
    Hey Del, I just stumbled upon your 12/12 from seed journal. I have started a new style of growing where I will only be vegging for 3 to 4 days from clone. In your expertise what strains do you think will do best in this system? I will have no vertical constraints but I am looking for a good SOG candidate. Thanks for any insight that you can share.
    hey del wassup? Any ideas what could be causing my bubblegum plant to wilt? Pics are on the 12/12 thread, the Skunk plant has also started developing yellowspots....any help is greatly appreciated.
    Cheers Del, I bumped them up last night. gonna put a few pics on the 12/12 thread. Thanks again for help
    Hey Del, can I get some advice? I have 3 plants under a 400w hps, they are on day 11 since popping out of the fertile fiber. I was just wondering how long until you start feeding your babies full strength hesi nutes? I'm currently giving them 2ml per ltr and was going to bump it up today to 3ml? What d'you think? Appreciate any help you can give.
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