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Mar 23, 2010
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Dr Gruber

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Jul 16, 2018 at 1:37 PM
    1. East Side Mike
      East Side Mike
      Dr Gruber, was wondering if you could share with me your pictures from Chemdawg xG13 1 Plant = 2 Pounds entry from 2013? The pictures are not available anymore and take me to an unrelated site.

    2. johnnyrockets
      Dr Gruber what's up. Can you give me a little history on dr greenthumb's chemdawg? Where/who did he get it from?
      1. Dr Gruber
        Dr Gruber
        I have no idea...sorry.
        Dec 28, 2016
    3. max316420
      Hey man whats up.... was wondering if you could recommend where i could get some turkish cookies beans?
      1. Dr Gruber
        Dr Gruber
        Dec 28, 2016
    4. zurikin
      he dr, u sold me on his turkish cookies. he's only had it out now for about 6 months.
      1. zurikin
        any pics of his og kush you could repost? the pics are gone from your grow journals
        Nov 6, 2016
      2. Dr Gruber
        Dr Gruber
        TC is a winner!

        I doubt I have any old pictures...but i will look.
        Dec 21, 2016
    5. leonard luis
      leonard luis
      hi dr gruber,

      u seems to be the guy answering questions about drgreenthums gear.......

      have you noticed if anyone of his strains DONT build up much tolerance? greenthumbs site say that about bubba kush............. hows with the other ones if you noticed?
    6. Thechairman
      In one of your posts, you mention about your "top 5" - I was just curious what your top 5 would be? All from
      Dr. Greenthumb?

      Thanks for all your great information
    7. Growingthatfire
      Hey doc was wondering how the blue dream turned out for you. Move been checking back everyday for the past week. Haven't seen you post since the 18th. Cheers
    8. countypark
      Doc I'm curious about your dtw method. I'm looking at two pots in a 3x3 tent. Any suggestions.
    9. Greenthumbskunk
      Hey I'd like to privately chat with you on Doc's gear but not sure how to send private email's though here lol
    10. SetonCampbell
      Hey Doc. Got hold of you on another site recently and you advised me to catch you here at RIU. Unfortunately I can not PM yet. I would like to ask you what the optimum setup would be for growing 4 chem dawg's from seed to smoke? how many lights, wattage of each and nutrient mixture and feeding schedule. Thanks in advanced. Seton
    11. dm9718

      just curious on what your feeding schedule looks like and how often, and if there is any other particular information you can share, Huge fan of your grows. Thanks for all you do for the community.
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    12. bobdagrowah
      Hey doc I have been lurking and learning for sometime now and was wondering what nutes you use for your grows
    13. Jelly Pepper
      Jelly Pepper
      hey doc is there any way to contact you here in private? i am mr bandit from another site. i have some questions and thought maybe you could help.

      peace, mr bandit
    14. drekoushranada
      Hello Doc. I was wondering if you had a choice between Dr. Greenthumb g13 and Chemdawg x G13. Which one would you pick?
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    15. bleuballz
      How's your back pain buddy?
    16. metalhead67
      Hey, I was wanting to ask you a question about some of Doc's ECSD, not sure where to put it.
      hi dr gruber
      been a long time and this is my new handle

      doc's stuff rules as we both know

      you are doing a good job amigo


      FYI i reccommend f35 for the easiest all around plant for the doughÂ…but the other strains are for real
      it out yielded everything in my indoor

      the g13 x og promises to be a wonderplant and insane yielder
    18. Johnxnyg
      I really appreciate the time you are taking to help me. As I have a zero post count, and just joined. But I have read all of your journals and you are the man.
      Maybe if you suggest two or three and the order of ease to grow.
      Iam using a solar storm 400w with these puppies. So I am not sure if that info helps you!
    19. Johnxnyg
      Thank you for your speeds response. I bought a $300 carbon filter filtration system, for the smell. But it shouldn't be a problem as I live in my own house.
      And here lies the problem, and why I am getting into growing my own self. I am not entierly sure which I like, the couch lock or the uppity sat. I am sure that I don't get the best stuff as I get it from the not so reliable source.
      i really want that sativa for when I want to go out and about, and the ECSD for the massive couch lock. The doc recommended the Freedom 35 but I want to grow a diff strain as well, and I believe I won't be able to do that because of the 25 hour period.
      And then we go into my dilemma about being a new grower. I don't want to waste months of my fist grow and have it spoiled bc of a newbie mistake. Money is not the biggest issue, but it is a concern as I just don't want to throw hundreds out the window.
    20. Johnxnyg
      Hey Dr Gruber.
      just finished reading all your posts and I have to greatly thank you for making them. I was wondering if you could suggest me your fav of DRGT strains. I am a completely new grower so for some seeds I might mess up you can tell its quiet the investment.

      i really want the sour diesel because of the couch lock high and how high you got! That's something I can not get in my area unless I grow myself.

      The c99 is what also piqued my interest because of that beautiful sativa high... (Does that last long)

      then to throw a loop in it DRGT suggested freedom 35.

      I really only want to do one strain at a time as this is my first grow. Can you recommend me one of his? Maybe something else. Thank you very much!
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