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  • Hi Fletch. Saw you had insight about co2 in a sealed room. Can plants bounce back from co2 poisoning? Timer failed didn’t vent my room all day. Leaves are thinning and drooping. First week of flower. Everything else environment-wise is good. Pulled the co2, vented the room after 8 hours 1500 ppm.
    Fletch theres no option to send you a PM...Im interested in purchasing a system from you. Do you have an email?
    Hey im here to ask how to build a Ebb or Flow Kit. Need something better then what i am running.thanks man
    sorry guys i forget this area exists its best to send me a pm for questions as you see I never check this area first time in almost a year lol
    hello i am new to this site and i am buliding a areoponic systems just wondering if i can pick at you expertise a bit?
    Hello. I am a big fan and VERY appreciative of all the help you provide. Inquiring about your 8 site aero setup. Cost? Availability? Any info appreciated. ninjajihadrockandroll at
    not sure how to send you a pm, but i am interested in one of your 6 site setup with the drain and with out the pump and nutes. My area code is 92115, how much would this run me? my email is [email protected]
    Fletch I'm interested in one of ur grow kits. I can't figure out how to pm u. Also, do u know of any books about aeroponic growing.
    hi do you still make those tub aeroponics systems? If so would you ship to canada?
    i recently checked out your thread on the easy 6 site aero build and it said you could build them in an 8 plant setup, i was a little interested. i was curious as to the method of payment, i wouldn't want a big odd paper trail ya know? so fill me in. -LogHead
    I wanted to know if you still made the grow buckets I saw your tread justa wanted to know since it was 2 years old and how much for each one
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