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  • 2020 Harvest is done. Beat disease and bugs this year, but the heat waves burnt many edges also damaged by wind and abrasion. Going organic I credit for the lack of bugs and disease and plants looked best ever till the heat. Girl Scout Cookies held up well to the heat and tolerate the hard water here. The plant that had the most shade is looking great! The Gorilla Bomb produces an 18" plant with a single ounce.
    running Girl Scout Cookies & Gorilla Bomb this season. Aerobic tea feeding exclusively. Got 6 of 10 GB seeds from Bomb Seeds to term and all of the GSC. Outdoor south Orange County coastal. Great start to 20! Perfect weather continues to promise a great harvest! The 19 GB was small but potent after being shocked somehow.
    Copper wash killed off my septoria!! On to Flower!! Had to take the whole grow indoors during the heat wave. Saved again!
    Second grow year is off to a great start. So far just one plant has trouble. See my kick ass brownie recipe in seperate post.
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