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  • Mr grapes your my caliber kind of guy. I saw your last active in jan 2014. Are you still around?
    I was also looking for a good sensory enhancement strain as well. And also one that has excellent trippy/visual effects. Im not looking for all this in one strain, so please feel free to list as many as you feel are what im looking for specializing in each quality im looking for if possible. Quality if far more important than yeild to me. Im not picky as far as grow times, strains, etc. If it can produce what im looking for I will grow it and love it as long as needed. Again, I appreciate your valuable time and experience. Thank you.
    Hello hazey grapes! I have read many of your comments and truly appreciate your experience and knowledge! I have been lurking around here for quite some time and reach out to those that I believe have true knowledge and not just things they've heard. I would like to ask you your recommendations on a few strains. I had smoked a local strain here which was quite different in a way that before I even exhaled my first toke, I immediately felt my head being wrapped in euphoria. It literally felt like a blanket wrapped around my head. I felt so uplifted but a bit fuzzy. That one toke lasted me an entire hour and I have an extremely high tolerance. I wanted to get up and do stuff...which I LOVE. I dont like the stone effect just as you and appreciate any suggestions that you have for what I described above.
    Hey Hazey - I like your style. Opinions are good. :-)

    Would you mind sharing your opinion with me on a couple of things?

    Curious what you think about Sannies Seeds?

    Can you recommend a strain that produces a high, not stoned effect- is a good social high, daytime, active use, doesn't cause panic attacks and is a strong yielder?

    And can you recommend a strain that is a very strong yielder, and more commercial in nature. Meaning if it is a stoned feeling, that's fine as it will not be for personal use.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Hahaha lol dude!
    Im currently working on a big blue sugar which is a (NLxBlueberry)x(columbian gold x haze) cant wait to see what pheno's pop out. The sugar haze is supposed to be potent as well!
    i like you hazey grapes! fuck the haters. I also have haters , but fuck them all! i got banned from another mj forum recently because i have an opinion and people were jealous of my grow and i won all their stupid contests and when i told them i dont kiss ass, that was the end of me! LOL! come check out my grow. I could use a highly intellegent person like yourself on my journal. Feel free to post ANYTHING you want. I respect ur ASS!!!lol
    hi hazey grapes! do you have journal ? i like how you write. Your very desciptive, creative and highly intelligent.
    He does not - CAN not grow pot, Hence why we dont hate him just hate his feedback.
    hey, i like joking around too. not everyone that tries to be funny up in here is though and as you've seen in that thread, i gotta keep my eye on everyone.
    i can only guess that the kali mist i was smoking was serious seeds. i've never seen a knockoff. it's just that serious reworked the strain around '04 with an indica. the report i read on it makes the buzz sound pretty much the same, but the flavor is now more "mainstream". i love spicy food, so the mouth burning crushed red pepper tasting original would be my favorite, but the buzz isn't. it's too racy & clearheaded. i like a more energy neutral trippy buzz better. i love kali mist for activities, but not for chilling out. (i still have one v 2.0 probably KM bean left.) as to growing it, i like C99 better. it doesn't have the flavor and maybe not as refined a buzz, but it's very similar and finishes in a fraction of the time.
    Dude thanks for posting me your top 5!

    What Kali Mist is your favourite, the one from serious seeds?
    i'd like to try ANY of the phenos to see how they differ from joey's and then cross them all with my BXes for some vigourous f2s. i'm most interested in the allegedly trippy pheno and least interested in the stoney one. i'd like to be able to say i smoked potent pineapple at least once though. i want to try bodhi's A11 genius too. i had some spice brothers 75% vietnamese or cambodian 25% A11g that i bet was really awesome, but if my malawi gold proves legit, i could make something nice happen with that and apollo or cinderella
    thanks for the rep. my c99's came from mosca's bx1's and frankly out of 10 seeds 8 girls and 2-3 with this same 'red pez' pheno, i would wager any of their packs have a good chance of finding it.
    Thanks for quick response. I have mosca and mine look like a shrub. Do you think there will be aproblem going back to veg a bit longer? How good is this 2 smoke???
    Could you please correct your bi-polar disorder, and stay off my threads until doing so.

    Thank you.
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