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  • I’m on week 11 of flowering. Don’t know the strain, but one looks like Pineapple Express. All my leaves are drying up and dying. I started flushing last week. Trichs are still looking kinda clear but some look a little cloudy. I’m not a beginner but not an expert either. My light is a 2000 watt led vivosun. Organic soil with sphagnum peat moss mixture. Not sure if I should chop or wait another week or two
    Hit the "rollitup" site emblem at the top of your screen and look for the "post thread" in the upper right. Make your thread and it'll give you the option to attach photos.
    Hello everyone I'm new to this site. And I been learning my flowers going on 4 years now to really understand them. Out of these 4 years I made my 1st cross breeding that I'm very excited with the strains I cross. I don't have any growers I can talk to. I just want to hear someone else's thoughts on it
    (White Runtz)M
    (THC Bomb)F
    (Durban Posion)F
    (White Runtz)F
    (Amnesia Haze) Auto
    Welcome mate
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