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  • hey there again mate just wondering my 96watt t5 will it bud my plant in the cupboard and decent yeild quite a big cupboard ?? my seed is white widow cross ak47 says 600gram per square feet so how many g's am i looking at ??
    hi there, just replying to your question bout the overdrive and canna boost.. i had great results from them but i "did not" use the pk boost with them as i think it can overdose them, i lowered the rate of canna boost when i started using the overdrive aswell.. just go easy and see how they like it.. have fun...
    its like over 2weeks but its about 2inches coz i only put it inder my t5 2days ago and its doing brilliant ?????????????????
    hey again mate i bort the coco canna nutrients A&B how much nutrients should i add to a 2litre bottle of water ive got the ml measureing gage at the top just dont no how much ml to add to 2litres ?????
    Good no problems, bigger the box the less noise you hear. I like small fans so they dont take up to much space but if i could double if not tripple the size then i wouldnt even hear a thing. I also learned of a outtake sound control box that makes your exhauste air sound like nothing coming out. Check out LimboLimbo68 on youtube, hes is the person i learned it all from. Send me a link to your grow when you have it going so i can check it out.
    got the right cupboard cumming on monday but need to cool my plant somehow i dnt want to be cutting holes in it but will if i have to will a fan be okay with my t5 lightwave and how close can i have it ??
    so dont have the fan on then or shall i just leave it on constant my plant is only sprouting so far lights here monday do i stick a fan straight in there and how far do i have the t5 away from the plant pot ??? cheerz mate
    no im not going to be useing a 400 w hps anymore ive got a t5 lightwave comeing monday :) ???? what u rekon
    my firsy ever grow im really new to it all to be honest im gunna set up in my cupboard 400w hps and one auto pot and a fan blowing is that okay how much nutrients do i add to a 47litre tank ? and when should i add the nutrients to the tank ??
    hey man, havent been around here much but i got your visitor message, but the link didnt work.. let me know if you need my help... i will try to log back in sometime soon.
    hi mate, good to find some one whos using coco pro aswell, so is it true you still water with nutes every time with the pro or just ph'd water for first week/s and what are the advantages when usin pro and how many plants would you grow in my space?
    Hi mate sorry for my late reply - Yes when I watered during the second week, I watered them with 5.0ml per litre with every the third week I had switched to my Canna A+B Nutrients + 2ml of Rhizotonic.. I have a feeding schedule which I made here:

    Thanks for following my journals, it's nice to see I have made some impact on someone else's grows.. Let me know how you get on & if you have any more Q's don't hesitate to ask.
    my bad i didnt update sooner check it out man i fucked up and dropped my light on a branch so one of the plants looks kinda shitty. its all good tho. when do you think i should clone? and how many clones do you think ill get?
    the sooner you flower the smaller the plant. Also less plant material to make buds. It's a balancing act. You can use LST, supercropping, or a scrog to keep the plant lower to the medium. I use bushmaster to control my plants stretch, but have heard some people burning their plants with it. Also, using MH light untill the plants stop stretching will keep the stretch down. Another thing is to keep the light as close as possible to the plants to keep the stretch down. That's about all i Know on keeping them short.
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