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  • hay TC im having yield problems i do DWC hydroponics.what strains are heavy feeders i do querkle and vortex i have only been gettn 2 to 3 zips a plant please help me sub .im a perpetuel grower i harvest 4 plants every month. i use r.o. water i clone for 4 weeks veg for 4 weeks flower for 8 weeks. i use general hydroponic nutes and i use hortulex 1000 watts 2 of em and 2 sun system magnetic ballest.
    yo, you mentioned Molasses, been thinking about trying it. How much per gallon? Is it really that good? Thanks...
    Your a BEAST, TCurtiss!

    Congrats on having your crops photo in High Times!!!!

    Sent you an add, man.
    inbox full !!!!

    hey yeah thanks man !!! 8 bags of soil, with out me doing math, thats like ohh 6 - 7 gallon pots filled ???

    awesome, i grow outdoors as a setup indoor is not an option, but the 1 grow a year thing is killing me, so im going to grow super auto flowers in winter and rest of the year, hope autos like super soil !

    Ohk as my gro potting mix only has peat, vercumite, perlite, lime, worm castings and neem pellets i will add compost and canna coco - is canna coco washed - ??? sound good, I like it !

    then after a few weeks into the super soil it goes !!!

    I'll have to buy some seeds, definitely try subcools seeds ! were do i get them from ?? do they ship to New Zealand ( 420 )

    Thanks again, and good luck on your tga grow
    Milk jugs, filled with water, in the bottom of your refrigerator would even out the temperature in the winter months. They gain heat during the 'day' and release it at 'night'. Just depends on the temps and when your grow's day actually starts. If you needed more heat gain, You could put an aquarium heater in a (sealed) container of water to gently release heat and keep your area warmer.
    hey bro saw that you were interested in LSD and red dragon heres a link of a finished grow of both dude just finished if you wanna look into em some this guy has AMAZING pics too but i think everything b4 4/20 got messed up with the site change but he has a smoke report on all em too that LSD sounds pretty good imo
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