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    How does this plant look to you ?

    What about when my dog drinks salt water and then sprays diarrhea? I give him more nutrients because hes all depleted and such.
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    How does this plant look to you ?

    Hey guys, sorry for sharing my unfavorable opinions as if they were fact. I bet you all couldnt find where I stand on the Dunning-Kruger confidence graph:
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    How does this plant look to you ?

    Given that all other environmental conditions are met, the more light the better! The more photosynthetic active radiation the better that is.. cfls produce low density low yielding harvests. They are only well suited for young plants. Very young plants. After looking at your grow, I would start...
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    Power outage

    Simply use Yelp to find a few recommended (no rip off) electricians in your area. Call them up or send them an online quote request asking for an additional 15 amp (1800 watts) or 20 amp circuit sent to your garage. Your setup, including fans and anything else you may have plugged into your...
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    Can I grow a seed found in Moonrocks?

    I wouldn't waste time and effort growing any form of bag seed. Although the female plant that produced those delicious buds in which you discovered your "bag seed" poses seemingly superb genetics, the male plant that produced the pollen that fertilized that female bud is likely to be just...
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    We miss you Trichy, come home soon :,(

    We miss you Trichy, come home soon :,(
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    Testing Beneficial Bacteria in Ebb and Flow (AK47 with Great White)

    Hi homebrewer, Long time fan and follower here. Thank you for providing me with an invaluable education FREE of charge! Im afraid that I do not have much to contribute here. Ive had merely 3 successful harvests (still in school and live with parents). Yet I am insatiably curious for one day I...