10 Prizes To Be Won In Chosen Seeds Summer Giveaway - Genetics From Barney's Farm & Anesia Seeds


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Man Chosen Seeds just has too many to choose from. Best seed promotion ever since these are my two favorite seedbanks.

The top on my list Anesia List is YuhBary

The top of my Barney's List is Dos Si Dos


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Barneys Seeds thats forsure. I mean, Im already cawping Runtz Muffins when they get back in stock, but Id never say no to a freebie
edit: I guess they restocked seedsmans, cawping now but ya, still barneys farm


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Slurricane by anesia please seeing as I have grown several Barney's farm strains and actually have some coming in the mail now. Amazing breeders. Have never tried anesia seeds before.