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    Several broken links :(
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    Is this a white hair I wanna see from a female? Only week 4 veg though.

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    New here (Hello!), with some questions/concerns. I have an outdoor project going in southern New England, in 5 gallon buckets. I really need the portability having everything in buckets brings, but obviously the small soil base is going to present challenges ... I think. I've grown in ground before, and typically use a lot more soil in the holes I dig, as well as the native soil being available to tap into when the root system expands beyond what I dig. Right now I'm getting some nitrogen deficiency signs, lost the bottom 2-3 sets of shade leaves, and the pairs just above that are starting to yellow. PH in a few buckets dropped to ~5.9 and I went ahead and did a flush along with dressing the top with a bit of lime (my tap is 7.0, artesian well). PH is a little high now at 6.8-7.0, but I'm thinking it will drop on its own.

    But I'm thinking my soil is getting taxed. I've been using Miracle Grow, I know most growers despise the stuff, but I don't know any better, and it does work ok for its intended purpose. But I had what I believe was signs of over fertilizing (had been watching for it), green leaves with brown/almost burnt looking edges, brown spots here and there, in the plants that had the lowest PH reading. So I'm flushing to keep the salts from building up and still have nitro deficiency...... I'm still going to come out of this successful, but there's obviously things I could be doing better. In case it's relevant, I had a male I cut down 3 days ago. I took the opportunity to check the roots (was one of the low PH plants). The soil is pretty bound up and came out like brown bread from the can. The bottom (which I had a single layer of gravel to start) was just solid white roots matted together.

    Seeds are Pine Warp from BCbud depot (early finisher, high yield, although probably not that high with bucket limitations)

    Soil base was a custom mix:
    50/50 bag garden soil and bag composted manure.
    Perlite and sand for drainage
    blood meal
    powdered lime

    Fertilizers used - Miracle grow all purpose (30-10-10), mixed as directed, 1.5 gallons distributed among 12 plants, bi weekly at first, weekly now with the leaves I'm losing to nitro def.
    Also have their bloom solution (15-30-15) on hand

    Specific questions:
    General fertilizer advice, what should I be using instead of MG? Should I be mixing as directed/more/less/how frequently?
    Should I prune off the bottom branches?
    Should the nitro def signs worry me, or is this expected/unavoidable/not that big a deal?
    Any pointers on how to get the most out of what I have going in the situation I'm in?
    Should I fertilize in smaller doses but more frequently?
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    You'll probably get some answers if you post this in the outdoor growing section or another section that fits better. Rollitup clan is pretty anal about that stuff. who'd a thunk?
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    Good advice, but I think it's probably because this thread is 10 years old. Back then we had only 2 forums. It was made a Sticky because there is a lot of good info in it.

    BTW your breath smells like carrion.

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    It's easy to over look dates. Thanks for being cool.
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    Well it's pretty awesome and should totally be updated.
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    Hi,a first time grower here,i have 4 auto viking tropical in a 2x2 tent under a 250w HPS.
    2 of them grows in 6l pots and the others in 4l pots,i was very late with nutes and they all look battered but
    the ones in small pots much more so,less soil and no nutes will do that i guess but they also look much closer
    to harvest then the ones in bigger pots.
    Is that normal,will small pots and lack of nutes shorten the time to harvest?
    Im on day 53 and the seedbank says its 60-70 day strain.
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    Hi people
    New grower here recently joined here to talk to others get some advise on the way but I have 3 special kush heading into 9th week of flower would you reckon there nearly done I'll add few pic any help or opinions appreciated

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    I have a confusion ! the seed bank says flowering time : 60-70 days. does this mean total growing of the strain from germination is 60-70 which includes all stages of growing, or does it mean 60-70 days from the first day of flowering ? Im growing for the first ever time, still in the seedling stage.

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    that's just their rough estimate. only you can tell when she's truly ready...id say expect 2-3 weeks longer...I could be WRONG though

    DesiGanjah New Member

    Yeh but does that time start from germination day or the first day the buds start showing ?

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    the day you put a photoperiod plant under a light cycle that induces flowering like 12/12 for example yes
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    imho the first 60 days from seed pop should be devoted to vegetative growth

    Foothills Well-Known Member

    They're talking about just what it says: "Flowering Time". Obviously, a grower can veg a plant for as long as they want to. Might be 3 weeks, might be 3 months or more. Think about it !
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    he left lil
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    okay another thing i want to clear out, if the harvest month is November but my flowering phase goes upto dec, will it effect my buds ? coz in my country the weather in nov dec is the same, warm/hot.

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    id ask edwardvanhalen1234
    Lucky Luke

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    If its outside then it will start flowering when the light to dark cycle starts to decline. (late summer early autumn). Harvest when the buds are ready. letting them continue to grow after there ripe leads to a decline in the flower

    Flowering recommendations tend to go by the American cycle. (cold- warmish, not hot temps and the opposite seasons to allot of us)
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    Thanks a lot guys
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