12/12 From Seed Experiment - 21 Strains

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Hot Diggity Sog, Sep 4, 2014.

    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone and @Oregon Gardener woohoo...hope I have a similar success story with it.

    I'll be starting to prep my room today. At this point, I think I'm going to take (3) 10 foot PVC tubes and use the same NFT style/approach. I'm probably 2 weeks away from go time so more updates as I have them.

    Also just got word from my trimmer...he will be finished this weekend so I can post final Chapter 4 numbers.
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    Alaric Well-Known Member

    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    I'm going to use the same tubes I've been using. Schedule 35 4".
    For this layout, 6" would likely be better but I'm not convinced it would make all that much difference.
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    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    youll definitely like the larry bro, deep musky ass dank smells and hard ass pretty nugs!
    sky rocket

    sky rocket Well-Known Member

    Oh im curious to know what medium will you be using for the Cali connection beans?

    dazzyballz Well-Known Member

    Just finished the lemon garlic og by humbolt very small plant with couple of balls early in flower.small 20g yield.nice stash gear though curing it completly changes smell.sorry to interupt
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    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    Final Yield in for Chapter 4.
    3.5 Pounds
    56 Ounces
    1568 Grams

    Just shy of 1 gram per watt.
    24.8 Grams per plant

    By far my best effort but I have to say...I'm a little disappointed still.

    I think the best course of action moving forward is:
    1) Increase the diameter of the octagon by about 18 inches. This will allow more space between each plant as well as safely accommodate a 1000 watt instead of a 600 watt
    2) Bring the 4th row into play. (2) 1000's will certainly be able to adequately light all 4 rows.
    3) Find a clever way to build the 8th side. I have some ideas and this will allow an additional 12 plants over the 7 sides.
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    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    I was considering using perlite or possibly coco and perlite but will be sticking with the NFT using 4 Inch PVC Tubes again. Lots of updates and pictures will be coming as I get prepared.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Pulling big numbers from vertical grows isn't as easy at it looks. In fact, it's hard enough that most people go back to flatlander grows.

    Have you considered an additional 600W lamp? I'm pretty disappointed in my thouies, nevermind the '860W' CDM.
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    Alaric Well-Known Member

    Bravo :clap:

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    Alaric Well-Known Member

    Do you mean you're disappointed with 860 CDM?

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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Here's the scoop; they do a a fine job of growing plants, once you get past the vertical only orientation. On the other hand, on my 240V single phase service, the two I tested on my Kill-a-watt and the magnetic ballasts they ran on were pulling between 1079 and 1103W each. This doesn't jibe at all well with the advertised wattage savings. I believe my lamps are simply being overdriven and I'm getting the same electrical consumption as of I were running thouies on those same magnetic ballasts.

    Part of this is the lamp, but much blame for the inefficiency must be laid at the feet of magnetic ballast technology. It's very inefficient itself and also drives the lamp relatively poorly. I'm making my COB LED purchase specifically to turn my back on this kind of excessive power consumption and its attendant heat consequences.
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    DirtyNerd Well-Known Member

    Congrsts on the yield my friend it will only get better and better every run so keep things going always enjoyable to watch
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    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Look at using a light mover to lower and raise the light. Check with @whodatnation - he had two octagons going at once with a light mover.
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    Sativied Well-Known Member


    Any updates on your adventures?
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    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    Yup...Chapter 5 is officially on day 6. I'm not finished with the setup quite yet. Official release coming within days.
    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    So here's the short summary of the setup.
    9' x 3' using (2) 600 watt HID's and my 392 watt LED build (LED is in the middle)

    (3) Tubes with 9 sites each for a total of 27 plants. Spacing is 12 inches square for each plant.
    I WONT be doing 12/12 from seed this run. There will be a veg period...length TBD.

    20160209_173407.jpg 20160209_173415.jpg 20160209_173431.jpg 20160209_173444.jpg 20160209_173502.jpg 20160209_173515.jpg
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    DirtyNerd Well-Known Member

    Looking awesome brother did you build that led your self What's the specs been wanting to build one for so long but to lazy
    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. Room is still a pig sty but it will be nice and ready soon.

    So the LED consists of (4) 4.9" x 34" heat sinks from Heatsinkusa.com The 2 outer ones are bolted to the aluminum L channel and the 2 inner ones are not...they simply rest on the rails. It would have been too unwieldy and heavy to try and hang by myself if all 4 were physically mounted so this was easier. The COB's are CREE CXB3590's - I went with 3000K spectrum. 4 per rail so 16 COB's total. I found the build to be pretty simple really...a lot easier than others have described. For example, drilling pilot holes and using self-tapping screws avoided the need to tap the holes. This was super easy and worked great. I also used solid 18 gauge wire which means no tinning and no soldering. 2 for 2 on those fronts.

    I'll be happy to answer any questions on the LED...I'm excited to see how it works. It's fucking bright...I can tell you that!

    DirtyNerd Well-Known Member

    Great I will pick your brain what drivers and voltage I need to stop being a tight ass and build one is it a passive cooling or did you add fans to the heatsinks also what size is the heat sink and if you dont mind me asking what was the total build cost Thanks
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