12/12 From Seed Experiment - 21 Strains

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    Best of luck with the move my brother I hope the future brings only good things for you wish I could buy that light but the shipping would be nuts all the best hope to still see you around
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    Chapter 5 Update - Part #1
    Currently in the planning stage :)

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    Meeting with an electrical engineer soon to help design this so it can pass inspection.
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    Make sure you have the correct wire colors.
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    Things are progressing nicely. I have secured the capital I need and this is about to get nuts. Applications for recreational licenses commence in T-Minus 7 weeks.
    Final designs are still being negotiated but most likely I'm going to be running the POD design from chapter 4 but with one extra row. And the lower 600W watt will be replaced with a 1000W which means (2) 1000W bulbs and 4 rows per pod. ~16 Pods is the starting plan.

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    Have you looked into LEDs? Quantum boards are producing some killer buds.
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    Not yet and its probably beyond the scope for Year 1. But I am making room for LED R&D during year 1.
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    subbed in. this is awesome!!
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    Just a minor update guys. I've been experimenting with Cool Tubes and this is basically what I've come up with. I have two different products:
    The Virtual Sun VSCR6000 and the iPower 6 inch cool tube (shown here). The VSCR's are quite a bit taller (not shown here).

    I've settled on roughly the same POD design from before but just adding one more row for a total of 4 rows. I plan to use (2) of the VSCR's with 1000W HPS bulbs but if and when I encounter a strain that grows too far inward, then I am prepared to replace the tubes with the (3) iPower tubes using 600W HPS bulbs.

    Cool Tube Example 1.png

    The basic idea here is that the carbon filter will serve as a foundation/base for the tubes to sit in. They will still need to be hung but more for stability and to prevent tipping. There will be a fan off somewhere connected to the top tube via flex duct sucking air. So the other purpose of the carbon filter is that clean air will be coming thru the tubes...hopefully will reduce the cleaning frequency.
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    Wow. Took 2 days reading but i got through it all.
    All i can say is THANK YOU this is one of the best journals i have read.

    One of the more educational ones thats for sure.

    Good job sir
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