$300 Beaker Bong.. is it worth it?


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Lol no, but its your money. I could see $150 tops if its really good quality (I'm assuming its mass produced) if you're buying from an individual artisan or something like that I could see paying more.(I wouldn't, but I'm perpetually broke lol)


Recently purchased a new piece of glass, costed me $295, i'm thinking it'll be worth it. i'd just like to get some other opinions on the piece.
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Definitely looks nice. Having said that, there's similar Black Leaf and Blaze bongs available on our website that cost less than $100...
So, worth it? Maybe, but you could have gotten yourself a whole collection with various accessories for that price!


it's blown in cali. i looked everywhere for an identical bong, or atleast something that looks something like it and couldn't find it anywhere. i insisted on getting that charcoal color, i've also heard nothing but good words about USTUBES.

but they look nothing alike, i'd rather spend $300 on a piece of glass that i'd absolutely adore, then $19 on a piece of glass that i'd be embarrassed to smoke out of.
US Tubes is blown in Berekely California, we highly recommend them as they are the same guys who help us get started. They know their stuff when it comes to glass quality and well sealed joints, which is what you want. Badly blown glass might look the same, but a small ding and your piece will chip and crack.