50000 square feet. Colorado Legal rec grow

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    Tty....holy shit you gotta be kidding me (i know your not).??? Damn. It makes sense in an ecological way i suppose but damn man. The Dutch government back in the day told the entire greenhouse industry no more open non recovery dtw and they had to do something about all the spent rockwool accumulating in landfills. Dont know how they switched that one up but I do know the big flower fruit and veggie growers in Holland have to recirculate now. U.V. sterilzation and what not. But this no dtw in Colorado rule is definitely news to me. Lets be honest...drain to waste isnt the most ecologically friendly way to grow hydroponically. If you use a bigger pot...keep ppm's on the low side..and keep it wetter than a normal drip to waste (not as much dry down between feeds) you can get away with a no runoff top feed setup and still have substrate balance. Big or small. In Colorado..looks like a grpwer has no choice. I wonder if this applies to straight ag crops as well now??? There has to be some bigger dtw rockwool and cocopeat greenhouse tomato growers that dont like the new rules if it does.
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    Running an op that size...suprised you have time to share wuth us at all. Hats off. One of the biggest I have seen.
    greg nr

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    So how typical is it for commercial growers to use a living/organic soil with no waste or runoff?

    It's certainly possible, and is sustainable, just curious how widely it's done.
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    Been running coir with no runoff for a couple of years now. Not hard to do if you understand the feeding habits of your plants.

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    Very impressed
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    Ttystick is a dumbass. There's no Colorado rules saying you can't DTW.

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    Merlin34 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I've got no time for organic living soil with as fast as we run through plants. I want easy, sure fire success with no hassles...

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    Some plant porn...

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    Holy mother of sweet baby jesus. The great flood just started in my pants.

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    Maaaan!! My hat is off to you!
    So much work involved in all this and still posting and sharing with the community. All the plants and set ups are just so perfect.
    Can’t wait to keep following this.
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    Running organic soil in these types of ops are almost unheard of. There is a reason organic soil isnt used in production super fast systems. Plants grow so quickly in big controlled environments..organic soil would hold the whole operation up big time.

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    Awesome setup, thanks for the glimpse into your ops.
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    I concur .,..........thx to u buddy im doing the same myself with excellent results......
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    Do you have a VPD monitoring system?

    Im trying to figure out VPD for my shitty little grow closet. Ha.

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    I wouldnt make paying attention to vapor pressure deficit charts and controlling parameters such a priority with smaller setups. Long as its not drastically dry or humid depending on stage of plant growth. VPD stuff was geared more for big veggie greenhouses first off. And bigger op cannabis growers found that paying attention to vpd in sealed co2 injected growrooms gave a better growth rate. Again..I wouldnt let a vpd chart dictate chasing your tail trying to get temps and humidity in line. I run a bigger op for a house and to be honest...I throw the vpd thing out the window towards middle and especailly late flower. I get harder..more frosty and mature flowers when I do it my way.
    Sour Wreck

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    this ^^^^
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    Amazing thread Merlin! Can you shed any light on the reflector improvements? Lower the reflector with a spacer and cap the end? Any chance you could hang a gavita reflector on one?
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    Any updates ?
    Flower porn?
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    EXCELLENT Work Merlin long suffering too ...lol

    but you gotta post a pic post harvest

    if just to complete this thread

    again very nice

    good luck

    Merlin34 Well-Known Member

    Some post harvest pics, funny thing is I don't take many... I take lots of pics right before chop.

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