50000 square feet. Colorado Legal rec grow

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    Merlin34 Well-Known Member

    These are more my kinda pics. I just can't get good final product pics with my phone for some reason.

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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    Shed any light on your trimming process or equipment?

    vostok Well-Known Member

    and so nice looking too...but then my 'clients' bitched mad once I trimmed usa style

    ..so now I trim by removing fan leaves leaving water leaves...I don't like it looks crap but clients claim they get 20% free..? ..lol

    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Not if they are paying by weight. ;)

    So they are paying the same amount for sugar leaves as they are for buds. Doesn't seem like a good deal to me.

    since1991 Well-Known Member

    If the buyers are bitching that your trim work is too tight..hell...by all means leave what they want on the buds. More weight for you. Wish mine would say that. Grams are grams no matter if its leaf or buds. I wouldnt try reasoning with them at all. The customer is always right. Right? Lol.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    I sell flowers cannabis flowers sometimes with little leaves(water) leaves attached

    I also sell apples sometimes with little leaves attached

    have been known to give away chillie's with leaves attached

    many other veggies and fruits too

    strawberries always get me in the shits even with leaves attached

    good luck
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    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    lol, that brings back memories. I don't sell now, but years ago I would sell a few ounces to cover expenses and I sold a the wife's friend an oz of killer Silver Spice. It was 28 grams on the money. She came back complaining that a few buds had chunks missing. I asked her was it good and correct weight. She said yeh, but some buds had little chunks missing! I told her to bring it back and I would give her the money back. She said "Oh no! Long story short she never got any more weed from me.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    The customer is always right. Right! ............Lol.

    since1991 Well-Known Member

    Those are the bitchy types in life no matter what it is. They make bitch to every one. Waiters and waitresses...store clerks...checkout lines...sales people..all of em. They cant go through the world without bitching. The bitchers buy from me ONCE!!! And that's that. I will fuk with those types one time the first time then yer done. Too many out there that appreciate what I do and the product I offer at reasonable prices.

    since1991 Well-Known Member

    That old school Silver Spice...was that an old timey Haze variant?
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    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    Nah, I forget the lineage but it was an indica from Dman. One of the few indica's I really liked. My keeper grew only about 2 1/2 ft. Had big hard buds covered with trichromes, hence the name. Truly not for lightweights,put down more than a few lol. A couple people accused me of lacing it with PCP because of its potency and grey color. Ah, good times
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    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    Hot Damn, I thought Dman was out of biz after Heavens Stairway got busted but you got me to search for him and he has his own website. No silver spice but some crosses with it. Everything I grew from Dman was pure fire, and no bullshit. Everyone at Overgrow.com sang its praises.
    Description: "Super Silver Spice is an Endless Sky (Iranian Indica x Grenadine) Bx1 that I developed from Doc Greenthumb stock in the mid 2000's"
    going to order this
    Exotic Spice
    An extremely trichome laden Kali Mist x Bubblegum (both circa 2008 original Serious Seeds stock) Mother was crossed with the same Super Silver Spice male used for the Power Load hybrid. The Kali Mist x Bubble Mother is a trichome bomb, that leans slightly Sativa in leaf structure. She yields potent, dense buds that have a very gassy aroma. The SSS male has added even more trichomes to the offspring, and has somewhat sweetened up the gassy aroma. 3 Select pheno's were chosen as Mothers for the F2 generation. One columnar with very dense flower structure, and 2 pheno's that lean toward the Sativa side in height/flower structure.

    Flowering time: 9 weeks.
    good prices too
    All Feminized packs are $75/each and contain 12 Feminized F1 Hybrid seeds. All Regular packs are $60/each and contain 15 F2 seeds

    and this
    Yeah Buddy

    This Sativa dominant hybrid consists of some very cool old school flavors, Kali Mist (Serious ‘08) x Bubblegum (Serious ‘08) x X13 (G13 (Airbourne) x Apollo-13 (Bro’s Grimm) x Thai (raydavies ‘02). Two select phenotypes of this F1 hybrid were chosen as Mother’s (both were heavily Sativa dominant in height), and pollinated by a single F1 Brother. Expect some mild variation in the F2 population due to the subtle differences in flower structure between the two Mothers. If you like soaring, daytime Sativa highs, and have some patience…then “Yeah Buddy, you’ll like this strain.”

    Flowering time: 9-10 weeks.

    Yield: Dependent on growing environment, techniques and skills used.
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    I remember Heavens Stairway. Anyone remember the coins? Lol. Killer genetics. The go to for seed buyers on Overgrow. Many a clones were traded on good ole OG as well. I miss them days to he honest.
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    Old school Kali Mist was some of thee most potent herbs I ever grew or smoked. The original Serious Seeds Kali. Its not the same now. The original is still in my top 5 easy. Another devils pitchfork hell fire strain. The right phenotype was almost like a scary acid high. No ceiling either. The more you smoked the higher you got. Top shelf chit!!!

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    You got me looking for some old stuff Here is the most potent stuff you'll ever smoke, I'd easily pay 500 for a pack

    GFM is a cross of Pukeberry and Mango [BX3] it has not been backcrossed 3x it is an F1 cross that we made trying to get a transparent male cross for our 'Pukeberry Female Only Clone'. We now hold a very nice GFM female clone that is a 90+% Pukeberry dom plant. We no longer use the GFM male that we kept around for a while

    Finishes as fast or faster than Cindy and will blow it away. Problem was that it grew the crappiest buds I've ever seen. Fluffy, nothings. Took the whole top bud to make a pinjoint, but that was enough to fry you. A girlfriend of my wife who was a notorious compulsive smoker and rolled joint after joint or regular pot, took two tokes of grapefruit mango and said " Put it out and we'll smoke it later" LOL.
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    swedsteven Well-Known Member

    Did u try cob @ 2gwp ...

    Amazing grow !!!
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    max420thc Well-Known Member

    Some commercial growers are organic but not many.it is to labor intensive to deal with.
    Some of the growers go hydro(passive) organic.
    To go organic you almost need a large farm to compost, re amend the soil.
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    bigfattone420 Well-Known Member

    Didn't know anything about Dman i saw his gear at DC Seed Exchange seed bank saw Dman was sending this freebie with his gear 3 pack of limited edition Panama Powerhouse (Panama Red x G13/Black Widow)..I picked up a pack of Exotic Spice F2 (15 R) $60.00.....In the process of moving so they are put on the side.To see what you wrote about him/gear make me feel good i purchase the Exotic Spice although i was eyeing the Panama Powerhouse.....Thank you....

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    you're welcome! I bet you'll be pleased with any of Dman's gear.
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    bigfattone420 Well-Known Member

    Cool ,i'm sure i'll be after i read what you wrote about his gear & i was like wow! Great stumble on my part..I didn't have a clue.. One day soon I will find out :confused:So thanks again...Peace

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