Advanced Nutrients Big Bud, bought the powder, can I use for soil?

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    dunkin73 Well-Known Member

    Hey, I bought this product, its 0-15-40, advanced nutrients big bud. The directions only list for hydroponics. Can I just mix the same amount in water to feed my soil, the amount that the manufacturer recommends for hydro? The grow shop lady recommended it over foxfarm bloom booster. The budding hoes are in 5 gallon pots, the soil has some bone and blood meal mixed with various soils. The have been fertilized before with non-bloom nutes with good results. This is my first time using this product and I used it last night at half-strength. Can anyone tell me their results with this product. My plants are a various stages of the budding cycle, the sativa is taking her sweet ass time, one indica dominant strain has decent buds starting, the other indica dom plants are just starting to get good development.

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    First off, Big Bud rocks.

    I think you can use it in soil, all you need to do is mix it up in water and find out the ppm that you want to have for that solution, then add it.

    Well, that makes sense to me anyway.

    You could always try out a bit and see what happens. Just watch the plants and you'll see whether you need to add more or less powder to the solution. Just start with a low concentration and then add more as you go along in the grow.

    It's strange that AN doesn't post this info on their website since it's pretty clear from the folks I've talked to that you can use anything they make in any number of growign mediums. Just search a few different forums and you'll see different grow schedules.

    best of luck to you...

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    dunkin73 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info, +rep to you. Yeah I used it at half strength, won't know how well it's working until my buds finish, but the plants look healthy and didn't burn yet, so all is well. Thanks again, anyone else use BIG BUD from advanced nutrients?
    Mazar i Shariff

    Mazar i Shariff Active Member

    Dunkin, yes you can use Big Bud powder simply by mixing it with water prior. A PPM/PH meter will help make the mixing much easier, too, as you can ensure you aren't feeding too high of a dose. I personally would recommend looking at Adv Nutrients organic products and choosing some of those over the synthetics. You will achieve top shelf flavors that you didn't know you could produce, while still hitting the same benchmarks for yield.

    Remember this key rule as far as your blood & bone meal go... In flowering, you need minimal ammts of Nitrogen after the first couple weeks. If you look at the blood meal, the ratio is going to be somewhere near 12-0-0 like mine is. Basically pure nitrogen. Whereas bone meal can come around ratios of 6-12-2 and whatnot. What that means is that your bone meal is providing a step down, yet ample amount of nitrogen, and is now feeding the proper amount of phosphorus that buds need for good development. For this, I would never feed blood meal at any part during the flowering phase, nor would I feed any more bone meal after this point. Reason being, these powder meals are slow release and take on avg 2 months to completely release and be used by your plant. Strains avg 8 week flower cycles, and therefore will still have nutrients in the soil around time to flush if you are continuously feeding powders throughout. This could prevent you from being able to properly flush your crop and achieve the smell & flavor you want. Consider switching to all liquid nutrients, and def take to heart about what I said RE: Advanced Nutrients ORGANIC LINE. Good luck!

    Are you feeding any carbos? You will drastically increase resin production if you carbo load them. Without any carbs, it'd be impossible to get the skanks to full potential.

    My Nutrient Closet:
    -Adv Nutrients Organic Iguana Juice Grow
    -Adv Nutrients Organic Grandma Enggy's Humic Acid
    -Adv Nutrients Organic Grandma Enggy's Fulvic Acid
    -Adv Nutrients Organic B Complex
    -Adv Nutrients Organic Nirvana
    -Adv Nutrients Organic MotherEarth Super Tea
    -Adv Nutrients Organic Voodoo Juice
    -Adv Nutrients Organic Bud Candy
    -Adv Nutrients Organic Final Phase
    -Tropical Organics Banana Extract
    -Botanicare SWEET Organic Carbo (Berry, Grape, & Citrus flavors)
    -Botanicare Organic Cal-Mag
    -Botanicare Organic Silica Blast
    -Roots Organic OregonISM XL Beneficial Bacteria w/ Yucca, Kelp, Alfalfa, & H-2
    -Espoma Organic Garden Lime (Raises/Neutralizes PH to 7) & Organic Soil Acidifier (if PH ever gets too high which is rare with my water source)
    -Lots of EcoSmart Organic Insecticide
    -Just ordered some Adv Nutrients Kushie Kush, as well!

    Some products seem expensive compared to other lines, but you will more than get your money back if you feed properly and don't get too excited about having so many products and burn the shit out of them... Moderation is key!
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    Mazar i Shariff

    Mazar i Shariff Active Member

    Another tip for Big Bud ... If you enjoy the results from it and decide you want to continue with it in the future regardless of it's synthetic properties, just know that this product is offered in liquid form now which will make things much easier on you. If I'm correct, I think this product began as a powder but hopefully your local shop will start carrying some of the newer releases of their lines. If you're limited there or are looking to save money, def go onto eBay and load up on some 4L bottles of all your fav nutes. You'll spend $20-60 per Liter at the local shop if you keep buying them one at a time full retail, whereas, eBay offers 4x the size, no tax, and usually with free shipping for about $50 avg. Depending on what it is, of course.

    Ghost0696 Well-Known Member

    whats your ppm at with all those in your res


    Picture liams 421.jpg hey brotha im using bigbud liquid and so far so good!!! im using 2 ml per 10 liters building Picture liams 383.jpg up to 4 ml by week 3 of using ! plus been told not to use like nottle says in week 2 to 4 but to use from week 2 all the Picture liams 403.jpg way to flush!!! so far i have better results than i ever have using this ! heres few pics!! im at the start of week 4!!!! Picture liams 405.jpg few of the buds from the lowest branches and 1 of the main colas ! 2 the same growing out the topp! never had bud forming like this especialy ay the start of the 4 weeks! nice dusty looking leafes!!!
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    dunkin73 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the info, +rep to you all. I am posting new pics of my grow so you can see, BIG BUD is doing it's job.

    BateyBatez New Member

    Hey do you feed with nutes .. nutes .. then straight waters , orndo you give Continous feeds with nutrients with run off ?

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    What's funnier than this being a seven year old thread is the guy bragging about his seventeen bottles of different nutrients and additives.

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