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    I thought I would start this thread to gain and share interesting and in depth technical growing tips and tricks with everyone.

    I will start this off with oxygen in your water, obviously super important for healthy plant growth. Many dwc operations fail or do not achieve what can be yielded due to a lack of air brought to the water. Oxygen generators are being used in agriculture today to increase DO levels in water majorly. I have ordered an Oxy-Gen system that converts the hydrogen molecule in water into oxygen. If that didn't blow your mind how about Sulpher Plasma Lighting. It is the closest spectrum man has come to the sun so far and looks just like something from star trek!.

    If anyone is interested in how to build your own oxy-gen system you can built it with only 75 bucks in gadgets from an electrical store.

    It basically electrifies your nutrient solution at 10,000 intervals per second charging the water creating oxygen rich water.

    anyone have a way to keep pH stable through healthy plant consumption?

    Redeflect Well-Known Member

    That isn't too smart... you're using electrolysis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. To begin, 95% of cathodes and anodes slowly leech into the water. That gets metals into your water, some of which can cause deficiencies. Secondly, water has a VERY HIGH resistance to electric current... you need acids or salts in the water to facilitate the electrolosis (both of which are no good for the plants in large amounts). Thirdly, you have nutrients in that water... many of those nutrients will break down into harmful things like ammonia along with the hydrogen and oxygen.

    If you really want to use electrolysis to give oxygen to your plant, electrolize different water and capture the oxygen... then pump it through your nutrient solution. You can then re-collect it and pump it through again repeatedly.
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    Stuski Well-Known Member

    What he said bongsmilie

    CROPALOTAPOT Active Member

    Actually its really smart. Dr Clark is the one who has thought this design up for humans and it is an electrolysis device that you build that is meant to kill off parasites in the body. I have introduced this into hydroponic reservoirs, electrolysis will pass through nutrient rich water and although I don't like salts their is a small amount in my water. But don't take my word for it the result is the exact same device as the " Oxy-Gen" system that does the same thing only costs 1,200 dollars and is all the rage right now in a nearby city of mine.

    My unit is powered by only a small 9v battery and the two ends being metal but only in the water for 5mins a day and then wiped off. vwalla! .

    The results are in! my plants love the dissolved oxygen I give them! massive football sized cola's. 1 pound plants with ease (In dwc or kfb).
    Noticed a lot of bashing, maybe I gave the wrong impression with the DO device.
    I am not trying to sell anything, only share knowledge so before you go bashing this method why wouldn't you both ask me some questions on it?!

    Also my DO meter doesn't lie. It will increase vastly when I introduce electrolysis to the reservoir.
    I am buying an Oxy-Gen system though for my 10,000w grow because my little oxygen generator won't cut it! why? because it works on the same proven principle!....ELECTROLYSIS.

    Plus guys the filthy dirt farming forums are under "soil" Stuski I feel like I need to take a shower and bag up my clothes after having you on my thread. Yeeaaaccck MITES! You don't have that problem with a clean hydro setup ya know!.

    Plants with electrolysis done to the water ----> https://www.rollitup.org/indoor-growing/275991-3600-watt-dutch-tables-jamaican.html#post3436386

    Now.... Any smart comments?

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    CROPALOTAPOT Active Member

    Remember why I started this thread, all I wanna do is learn....

    Arguing I do with my girlfriend and I HATE it...

    kushRx Member

    I would like to know more about this, i dunno why people gotta always try to have brain wars, and if you think somethin is bad why you gotta go about it like a smart ass.

    Would this work with every form of growing?
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    Earl Well-Known Member

    Why not just use bottled oxygen from the wealding supply store ?
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    Redeflect Well-Known Member

    If i think its bad I'll explain why its bad as i did... would you prefer me to say "this thing is no good" and leave it at that? You're foolish KushRx if you think this thread is only going to get positive info. You get the ups and downs... thats the reality of learning. So stop criticizing those who criticize and learn to pay attention to all the information given to you.

    I never said it wouldn't work... I said it requires salts in the water and can leech metals into the water and can release poisonous gases... make your own decision.
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    repvip Well-Known Member

    I'm impressed! Learn something new everyday ;)

    Patent # 6,689,262-B2 - the details behind the electrolysis...

    Cool idea, but it's way out of my reach. Would love to see some actual pics of the roots it could produce!

    EDIT: didn't want to create another post

    After doing a little more research...
    An upper limit for elevated root zone dissolved oxygen concentration for tomato
    makes me think more isn't always better...

    CROPALOTAPOT Active Member

    Wow guy! someone had a bad harvest...

    Anyways, thanks for the positive feedback guys.. I will post up more information, large scale dwc setup with Oxygen generators, root shots and the commercial grade Oxy-Gen system as soon as it arrives..

    I have been growing hydroponically using electrolysis for around 9 years now. I initially learned about the device created by Dr Clark through my dad who is big into natural medicine. Then I researched it and read of many tests done in the 1940's by Dr Lekyvouskie (not sure if spelling is correct) by digging a 8ft hole and burying a zinc plate and 100ft away the same size hole with a copper plate, finally connecting the two with a wire and planting his vegetable crop in the soil above. The side by side test was done with two different crops of the same variety and the results where jaw dropping. The negative Ions gathered and the given result is much the same as a thunder storm etc. It is actually called (The Oscillator). A simple one can be built by overlapping a copper wire by an inch or so forming a circle and then connected to bamboo steaks or something so it can be placed around your plant. The ions will gather within the overlapping copper. My dad and I grew a side by side spider plant with an oscillator and it was NUTS!.... no joke

    I will posts pictures of charged plants, I used to charge pot seeds when sprouting..lol

    fatman7574 New Member

    Why are you choosing the poorest pot growing system available based upon the worse possible methodology and trying to improve it so that it can become just a bit better. Even a bit better is still poor. Just start out with a better system. It is one thing to do DWC because it is cheap and relatively easy. It is something else to take a sows ear and dump in more money to try to make a silk purse out of it. Water can honly old a small amount of dissolved oxygen no matter what you do to it or with it.
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    fatman7574 New Member

    Did Earl really write that? No, it certainly was a joke or a misprint.

    CROPALOTAPOT Active Member

    DWC A poor system?!!... Water, Nutrients & Oxygen a bad system?!

    I Run DWC or KFB systems with Medical Marijuana grows were I am limited to 49 plants so growing the plant out large is essential.
    I love all hydro setups and have run just about all of em. I do love aeroponics for many reasons but find that it is best with increased plant numbers so I combine many aspects of the methods I love.
    High water flow between buckets, extreme amounts of air in the finest bubbles possible, oxygen generators, water chillers. For the DWC
    KFB ie: Krusty bucket or Freedom buckets are great for larger areas (warehouse space). With a KFB you only have an inch of water in the bottom of the bucket with soaker hoses attached to many (depending on amount of buckets) commercial grade air pumps. If an air pump says its good for 80 air stones I use it on no more than 10 buckets. This froths the nutrients up into the bucket giving the roots oxygenated nutrient froth, and that massive pot with Hydroton rocks holding the plant in means MASSIVE plants. I didn't create this method I am only explaining it because this is the method you chose to bash...

    Cheers everyone.
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    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    I read about this recently, looks like a cool concept.

    CROPALOTAPOT Active Member

    I am not being close minded though fatman, thanks for some info there. I did not know that water will only hold a "small" amount of oxygen and am currently checking into it. I have seen some amazing things with DWC and KFB non the less. Stupidly large buds...

    fatman7574 New Member

    Think of how much faster and larger with the other systems. I am not saying they do not work, just that they offer the least amount of O2 of any non soil system except with the possible acception of some poorly set up small tube low pressure aero system with constantly running water. Most DWC systems are dependent upon what ever DO can be added to their water through the use of airstones and maybe a small pump. Few of the DWC systems have a large percentage of their plants root masses is in air where they can get unlimited oxygen. While that may be adequate in combination with a cold reservior temp it is still very limiting with the small added boost to the DO and the increased DO allowable in cold water verus room temperature air. Is a DWC grow r worth the reservoir chilling hassle so as to mantain survival and poor growing. That is up to the individual grower to decide. If DWC was a good system pot would have evolved into growing in such a way in the wild as that option was widely open in its evolutionary path. I don't need to hear the stupid crap about no HIE lighting in nay ature, as the sun light is better tha crappy halides and HPS. Pot did not choose the aquaculture path because it does not even work as well as growing in soil or snad etc. At least traditional hydro, aero and NWT are all similar to how they grow in nature in desert and arid climates.

    Compare the amount of Oxygen in air in comparison to dissolved oxygen in water. There is a pittance of dissolved air in water comparatively. Over 21% in air and a small fraction of 1% in water. The amounts of O2 in water is so small it is measured in Parts per million. 100% staurated water at sea level contains less that 9 ppm of Oxygen. Oxygen in air is 50,000,000 ppm.

    T905 Active Member

    very nice icic

    CROPALOTAPOT Active Member

    OK! FATMAN and negative FATMEN of the community... LARGE COMMERCIAL GRADE AIR PUMPS MUST BE USED for proper dwc growth (and many of them)... Only then when you can afford all these expensive air pumps and oxygen generators can DWC be as amazing for you all as it is for me. You see, small closet little jimmy rigged dwc setups with tiny air pumps may not be the greatest. But thats like being a Hydro racists or something... Have you not cared to try larger air pumps? order in oxygen diffusers instead of lame little Pet store air stones that break?

    Or better yet, research KFB buckets a little and you will find that they CANNOT be run without first spending 1,000 to 5,000 depending on setup size on COMMERCIAL GRADE AIR PUMPS!.. why you may ask? because the KFB bucket must be aerated so much that the nutrient froth rises up into the bucket... Cutting the need for water chiller units and allowing for much much larger plants to be grown than in Aero..

    Like I said before, I love the aero methods too but they work on plant numbers. And I grow mine out LARGE. To each his own


    why dont we just post up some of the biggest buds that we have grown or seen grown with each setup and see which ones win?

    (budshot from a DWC grow)

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    Earl Well-Known Member

    Nice fat buds to satisfy your soul......


    streetlegal Well-Known Member

    Dont even get into it with fartman, hes a negative troll who im 99% sure google researches his replys... and i dont think he even grows

    FAT nugs btw:eyesmoke:

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