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    masterd Well-Known Member

    scribed to hear more good shit from the OP.....

    hopefully we dont have to put up with more shit from fatman..... you call oregan meds an arsehole? your the only one acting like a dick and getting childish bro. by the way good work on jacking a good thread....

    oh and first of all you call DWC cheap.... and then a couple of posts later we get the words "I wonder what the markets next top of the line high dollar growing system will be in this country? "

    i thought if it was cheap it must be ineffecient???

    dont want an arguement... its just you dont mind pointing out other peoples flaws, so i thought you might like it or something?? or do you just like to call em an arsehole and get really childish??


    sorry i really couldnt help myself.... your really acting like a tool to anyone who doesnt agree with you....

    fatman7574 New Member

    bas turd, oops I mean ass turd, oops again mass turd isn't it. What ever it matters no more than you matter.

    And nothing you just wrote even makes sense.

    Must have lost something in the translation to American English. Arsehole that's one of those overly punked boys expressions right. Are your finger nails painted pink or black? Rhinestones or just glitter?

    Just for your simple mind I will explain it to you. A cheaped down system is, for an example, when you take a large chamber aero system with intermittent misting nozzles as used in the commercial industry and turn it into a cheaped down 3" or 4" tube system with rotting roots laying in stagnant water in the bottom of the tubes wetted with a low pressure high volume pump running through trickling and spattering high volume sprinkler heads and call it an aero tube grow. Or take a lake or pond aquaculture system and turn it into a rubber maid tub with dank low DO water and call it a DWC system. Now do you understand cheaped down systems, Mass droppings.

    Don't think I will ever get that name right.

    smppro Well-Known Member

    Uh oh, why are you showing a ebb n flo system that I GUESS IS YOUR, but then you show off your big colas with 1 of RUMPLEFORSKINs pics from grasscity which he produced with REGULAR AIR PUMPS.

    Can you explain that?;-)

    here is a link to the exact picture, rumple has a great DIY for bubblers.

    fatman7574 New Member

    Sow's ear is still a sow's ear. A KFB is still just a jacked up sows ear no more. DWC is a poor system. Fact, no debate needed. Not saying it will not grow pot. I have seen Pot growing in a Nevada desert prison yard fed by spit, urine, human feces and starling poop.

    Size does not impress me. Fast, cheaply, easily produced, consistent hugh volumes of buds impress me. Big ones just get cut into small ones. Nobody ever sees them so why try to produce them at a loss in profit. I would much rather have 5 pounds of 3 gram buds that two 2 one pound buds. Especially when it takes longer to grow the larger buds.

    Find me a system that can out produce a sealed, hot room, CO2 supplemented air atomized, drain to waste, warm water nutrient, SOG grow for less money and then you have something. Until then it is just you and other people talking about the many lame ass-ed unnaturally high DO dependent systems that are all prone to massive problems that have higher production cost and higher failure rates. The only advantage to them is that they are typically cheap to set up initially. Some don't even meet that criteria.

    Don't believe there was any mention of ebb and flow. I actually like inert media hydro such as ebb and flow. Photos are not really impressive, probably a 20 week grow on top of it all. Hobby grow. Oh that's right nearly all of you are hobby growers. I keep forgetting that. I produce more in the same space quicker and cheaper than the system shown. Hell he even staes that the photos are not from one grow but from many d grows over a period of years. Not impressed. Not the way I would spend money. Air pumps fail your plants would be dead within a few hours. I simply use a pressure tank holding 12 hours of air. That gives me 12 hours to see a problem and fix it. My plants get watered for 24 hours without power without the need for artifically high DO water. High pressure aero systems can also easily and cheaply be set up with many hours of water availability without a pump. They also are not dependent on artificially high DO water.

    With that I leave you to your hobby ways. I am done with this thread.

    Drgdogg Member

    Good I'm glad you done! Now leave us DWC dreamers dream about electrolysed water...

    Hey guys now that fatman is done bragging about his high pressure aero system lets bring the thread back to the subject. :bigjoint:

    masterd Well-Known Member

    lmao.... i knew you wouldnt be able to get over urself.... i really hope you can leave this thread.... if you find it hard... just click on that unsubscribe button... if u dont push it soon... i will....

    oh and its not my fault ur to dumb to know true english.... you know where ur barstadised language originated???? anyway, i think the OP should maybe start a new thread and hopefully fat man wont come around bashing.... anyway cunt face i mean cunt man... i mean fat man.... you have a good day

    dude if ever need more income you might wanna take theese little rants and do them on stage... i think ur funny as hell... im sure others will 2..

    oh and "ass" is the punk "amero" word bro... not "arse"

    you can shit on any system you want bro.... im pretty sure no-one listens to you scince you just get on others threads and bash...

    but hey... who cares...

    EDIT: just read the bit saying my post didnt make sense.... lmao... you must be dumb as fuck.... really theres nothing confusing in that....

    smppro Well-Known Member

    So this guy was a poser after all, and i can assure you that low pressure aeroponics works just fine for marijuana, ive found most deficiency are from the grower not the system, you provide the plants with air moisture and nutrients how is it the systems fault?

    GreenThumbSucker Well-Known Member

    Actually I have probably gleaned more usable information from Fatman in the last six months than from everyone else combined. I just choose to ignore the drama and personality clashes.

    Having said that I am intrigued by the krusty buckets mentioned by the OP.

    Some pics of same I have come across:



    Only 'problem' I see with this type of system is absurdly large plant size.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    You take the good with the bad, he's old like me and we have a right to be grumpy cause we're fucking old. :)

    Man knows his shit, no doubt.

    dwceazy Member

    hey ive been looking into this electrolysis first wont it be cheaper to build 1 as good as the o2 emmiter and second will this kill any microbes or bennies used and surely metal in the water will bring huge ph fluctuations i really want to try it its easy enough to make

    Dumme Well-Known Member

    This is a 7 year old thread. Id be looking into newer technology..

    KingTutOg Active Member

    With bashing like that you must be a conformist facist. Finger nails pink or black? Seems like you are the one that is simple minded.

    KingTutOg Active Member

    Cannabis a drug? You do not care about medical patients? You only care about monitory gain from cannabis? You are a real pice of shit aren't you. I am glad you spent time for manufacturing cannabis, I hope you get brain cancer and die.

    Dumme Well-Known Member

    Hey man, fatman7574 hasn't been seen on this forum since 2010; seven years ago. Let the thread die in peace..

    KingTutOg Active Member

    Maybe he got what he deserved for posting crap like that You only have so long acting like he was before karma catches up with you

    dwceazy Member

    ive been looking at this aswell do you no if you can use organic nutes this way as you dont need the air pump also kratky seems low maintenance just wanna know if they can go organic
    Lyndon Smith

    Lyndon Smith New Member

    Your a f***ing idiot it will not break down your nutes most nutes have salts anyway and as long as the metal is coated in gold silver platinum or rhyodium it will take years to break down 2 no nutes for growing pot have any precursors to amonia so stfu and 3 yes there is maintenance involved but that's common with hydro lmao I bet you don't even know what salt rinse is used for so before you go talking out your a** do some research.... and to the guy asking the question yes electrolysis is a good way to prevent root rot oxygenate your plants and consume less power try 02 grow if you got the money I talked to them and they gave me the facts and defiantly stand behind their product don't listen to trolls... btw Fat man they know about the shit you've been talking and they even told me you had no clue about what you talking about... to everyone else trust me you will be satisfied with the product if not they will give you a refund
    Lyndon Smith

    Lyndon Smith New Member

    Don't use organic teas or nute it will clog it just like regular dwc

    DrGhard Active Member

    interesting idea but a waste of electricity. you won't gain more oxygen than with good quality air pumps and stones. there is a limit of dissolved oxygen in water, and breaking down water into oxygen won't increase it.

    also electrolysis can generate OH- radicals wich are detrimental at high concentrations, and can displace micronutrients of metallic ions (iron zinc and manganese for instance)

    Dumme Well-Known Member

    Jesus guys, This thread has been dead for a best half of a decade. Seriously, it's time to move on..
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