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I didn't know where else to post this after looking throughout the site for information. But do you have any information regarding advertising on Thanks.


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please click out black "SUPPORT" button the bottom of the page. than use your drop down menu and choose "advertising"

Tommy G

Hi everyone!

Cheers Provisionseeds! I think we are partners in other forum, hehe ;)

I'm tommy from Sweet Seeds. I also tried the same with no success. Anyway has there are no advertising banners in the forum and maybe they are not considering to have banners.

I just leave the suggestion of subforums for seedbanks. It's more information than advertising but has it is a type of information that the seedbanks are interested to have in the forums, some would pay for it and would do initiatives that would bring more people to the forum.

Just the suggestion. See you on the other side Provisionseeds :D

Sweet smokes!

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