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    Ok so we get a lot of questions here so I am going to try to organize a list of frequently asked questions about the Michigan Medical Marijuana program and also I will give you a base of resources in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Community to help get you started.

    Who runs this program and how can I get forms and read the laws?

    Michigan Department of Community Health - There website:,1607,7-132-27417_51869---,00.html

    Holy Buffalo Soldier it is real?!? How much is this going to cost me?? Will you take my first born?

    Easy need to get a doctor to sign this form:

    One you have a physician sign that form you fill the rest of it out and you send the following via CERTIFIED MAIL: Photocopy of your Drivers License, $100 check or money order(I think its only 25$ if you have medicaid, check the site), The forms that your doctor signed, and if you choose a caregiver you need a caregiver assertion form:,1607,7-132-27417_51869_52139---,00.html.

    What are the requirements to get the card?

    You must be a michigan resident to be a patient or a caregiver, to be a caregiver you must be over 21 with no criminal felonies on your record.

    My Doctor won't sign the form because he/she is a big douche bag, who can I get to sign this damn thing?
    You actually have a lot of options.

    1. go to the highly advertised clinics you will find on google like THCF, Michigan Holistic health, Medical Marijuana certification center - The problem with these places is they charge around 200$ usually and require you have medical records - you will need at the most medical records which prove that you were treating for the condition within the last 3 months, they could ask for more documentation however. The good thing about this is you know your going with a doctor & clinic that has a very good reputation. They will take care of you well and make sure you are not denied.

    2. Call & Ask around, every doctor is listed, just start calling doctors and tell them what you want till you get a bite. This is really your only option if you don't have medical records. You can even find advertisements for some doctors that specialize in medical marijuana or holistic health, without records some will require multiple visits.

    3. Go to or call your local compassion club or dispensary many of them will help you find the right doctor for you, also many have doctors there on certain days so you don't have to drive too far, here is a listing of compassion clubs:

    Its been over 3 months and I haven't received my card what gives?

    If you go to the website in the above question you can see what applications are being processed, as of this date they are issuing cards from Mid-May. They have been ordered by the government to straighten up their act or they will lose their contract, if they are not getting out cards within 21 days by Sep 15th 2010.

    The law states that if they do not issue you a card within 21 days your paperwork becomes your card if you have NOT received a DENIAL LETTER.

    Okay my 21 days are up so now what?

    Congratulations, you are now legal to posses and grow marijuana in limited amounts. You can go to most dispensaries and join most compassion clubs. You are not 100% protected from arrest until you get your actual card but your case would be dismissed or charges would be dropped should you get in trouble and are within your limits. Be sure that you have proof that you sent in your forms or that they cashed your check over 21 days ago, certified mail proves that it was sent if you have the receipt for that, if you didn't send it certified get a canceled check or bank statement whatever. This is why I recommend sending certified mail because it buys you about 1 less week of wait time. You can read all the Laws/Rules here:

    Okay so I got these fancy legal word papers but my guy only has schwagg and never answers his phone, I don't wanna grow, how can I get my meds reliably?

    The best way is in my opinion is to go to your compassion club and get it from other patients/caregivers. You can also go to dispensary or you can get a caregiver to grow for you, your compassion club can help you find a caregiver If you don't know one. Again here is a list of clubs:

    here you can find dispensaries:
    (or you can click the back button and read rzza's dispensary thread)

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    Great thread. For any Yoopers out there, their is only one referral center, MMMRC in Marquette. They also go to Houghton, usually on Saturdays. No records are required and the cost is $300 + the $100 to the state, Recertifications are $200. For those who haven't seen a doctor in a long time and have no medical records this is a place to go. Fill out a couple forms stating your medical condition, see the doc. and 10 mins later you have your paper work. Simple internet search should find them easily. Peace!

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    300. Insane. My doctor charges $150 and takes about 15 min. Anyone interested PM me.

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    great thread but i found one thing a little wrong,the med records have to be no older than 3 years not 3 months old.but some doctors will work with you if your records are too old.

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    well some will work with you without records at all, I was talking about THCF and the mainstream clinics which require 3 months

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    i got my sign off by thcf and my records were almost 5 years old

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    that is interesting, I know several patients that needed to update their records for that place , likely because of their particular situation or maybe its an old policy, to bad i cant edit my original post, thank you for correction

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    i think its because i have crohns disease and thats for life,so they know i still have the condition unlike some kind of back pain or something like that.

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    can someone please PM me and let me know where I can go if I have no records at all? Any help would be appreciated. I know a guy that paid 500 to get his with no records and I think thats a little to high.
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    I have a friend currently trying to get a card for hepatitis C, no records for the last 4 years. Those records have blood work showing hep c but thcf said they absolutely require records within 3 years.

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    if he is near flint or willing to drive to flint area just drop me a message, I will send you the info for a doc if he needs it still.

    most any mm doctor will be fine with old hep c records, i think its fair to say that there is many doctors that require no records whatsoever.

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